In response to the many players who found Bastion difficult to handle in the recent Overwatch open beta, Blizzard outlines some strategies that will take the demanding droid down.

Now that the Overwatch open beta has come to an end, players are reflecting on their experience with the game ahead of its retail launch later this month. While some aspects of Blizzard’s first new franchise in 17 years have split opinion, there’s one thing most players can agree upon — Bastion is overpowered.

Bastion is a defence hero character that’s been a thorn in the side of many players over the course of the beta. Between its powerful sentry mode, the ability to heal at will and its tank mode ultimate ability, the robot is pretty much a lock for ‘play of the game’ whenever it’s chosen by a player.

Blizzard has been inundated with tweets asking for a Bastion nerf, to bring him in line with the rest of the Overwatch cast. The studio is remaining quiet on whether or not the character will get a debuff, but it has offered up some tips on how players can get the better of the ‘bot.

According to Blizzard, the characters that are best suited to taking down Bastion are Hanzo, Genji, and Widowmaker. The studio stresses to players that character switching is a big part of the game — it’s less about picking a main and sticking with them no matter what, and more about choosing which character suits the situation at hand.

Blizzard Overwatch Screenshot - Bastion

The three characters Blizzard points players toward all have traversal abilities that make it easier to get out of the way of Bastion’s offence. However, these options also give the player an opportunity to deal double damage, if they’re able to get around the back of the robot and target the weak spot that appears when it’s in sentry mode.

Of course, there’s every possibility that Blizzard will make changes to Bastion, based on the feedback given to the studio over the past few days. The idea of an open beta is to facilitate this kind balance tweak, especially in a game that’s set to be played competitively.

Fans will be watching closely to see how Blizzard responds to their complaints about the character. Many would argue that Bastion only seems overpowered, so a kneejerk reaction could actually have a negative effect on the game’s carefully considered balance.

Overwatch is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 24, 2016.

Source: Destructoid