Overwatch Tier List (September 2019)

A new season of Overwatch has started after a short delay for season 18 and is well underway, so with all the changes, many may be wondering about a current tier list.

Last month, before Season 18 of competitive Overwatch began, Blizzard added a couple of significant changes to the long-running team shooter. Role Queue was added in beta and new hero Sigma was brought into the game proper. Role queue will force players to join games as a specific role, forming teams that are 2-2-2: two support, two tanks, and two damage dealers.

The GOATs team composition — three tanks and three supports —was dominating the meta and this change is intended to make the game more interesting again and keep players of all skill levels on their toes. This is the biggest change Blizzard has made to Overwatch team comps since the very early update that fixed the game so multiple players could not select the same character.

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Sigma is the latest addition to the Overwatch family. He is a tank with a tragic backstory and the power of gravity., and he also quickly became one of the best characters in the season 18 meta so far. It's still early in the season but here is our Overwatch tier list for September 2019:

S Tier

Orisa (tank)

Sigma (tank)

Zarya (tank)

Reaper (damage)

Mei (damage)

Moira (support)

The recent meta, still coming hot off the popularity of GOAT, is very tank heavy. Hence why half of the characters we have put in the top tier are heavy damage dealing tanks. Orisa, Zarya, and Sigma are the best and most consistent tanks in the game right now.

Given the current meta, close-range damage dealers are super popular and effective in season 18. Launch heroes that never quite got their due until recent seasons, Reaper and Mei, are now the strongest of the damage characters in the game right now.

Moira is the best support in the game right now for one simple reason. She is a counter to barriers. What is being called the barrier meta by some fans trends in the current season lean towards using shields, mostly due to Sigma's abilities and the sheer amount of players trying that character because he is new. Moira's orbs can pass through barriers, making her an ideal choice when having Sigma.  And, for a support, Moira can deal out an impressive amount of damage.

A Tier

Symmetra (damage)

Doomfist (damage)

Hanzo (damage)

D.Va (tank)

Reinhardt (tank)

Baptiste (support)

Ana (support)

Lucio (support)

A recent rework in conjunction with the barrier meta has lead to Symmetra becoming one of the most important characters in the game. She is an insanely quick character with crucial abilities to counter barriers.

The rest of this tier consists of simply very good healers and damage dealers. Doomfist, D.Va and Hanzo have always been player favorites for the reason that they've been pretty consistently good characters to play. In terms of support game, Ana and Lucio are great choices, but the hard-t0-master skills of Baptiste is where some players have seen massive success.

overwatch battle

B Tier

McCree (damage)

Pharah (damage)

Torbjorn (damage)

Winston (tank)

Wrecking Ball (tank)

Junkrat (tank)

This tier consists of heroes who are generally safe picks, especially if they know how to be played. This is mainly characters who have either recently been buffed or have just fallen out of favor. Pharah and Junkrat were both recently buffed to do more damage overall, making them highly effective options once again. Torbjorn has been rising in the ranks since a 2018 rework. Winston used to be a great asset at the high of the dive meta, but has since become less relevant to the game.

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C Tier

Widowmaker (damage)

Sombra (damage)

Genji (damage)

Tracer (damage)

Bastion (damage)

Roadhog (tank)

Brigette (support)

Zenyatta (support)

For the most part, these characters can't compete at a highly competitive level. Sure, they are fine to pick during a more casual match and some can still perform quite well, but they don't have as much of a function in the barrier meta. Widowmaker is one of the most inconsistent characters in the game right now, and Fast characters like Genji and Tracer have fallen out of favor as of late. Roadhog is a slow, vulnerable tank who just isn't cutting it right now compared to the others of his type.

D Tier

Mercy (support)

Ashe (damage)

Soldier 76 (damage)

These are the characters that are probably best to avoid picking. Mercy used to be one of the best healers in the game, but so many great supports have been added to outclass her. In terms of dealing damage, Ashe and Soldier are pretty ineffective in the new meta.

Overwatch is in a position to become an extremely popular competitive game yet again. The Switch release of Overwatch as well as the complete overhaul of team composition with the Role Queue is going to pique a lot of players interest, both new players and returning Overwatch fans who have been out of the game for a hot second.

Overwatch Season 18 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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