Rumor: Overwatch's Next Three Heroes Leaked, Doomfist is First Up


It seems that Overwatch fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future, judging by new rumors that have surfaced regarding upcoming plans for the game. According to a new leak from an online user who claims to be a Blizzard employee, the popular FPS has big plans for its next three heroes.

Thanks to a 4chan user by the name of "QAAustinAutist'', who allegedly works for the Overwatch developer, we've been given a new insight into what's coming next for Blizzard's newest IP. According to the user, the next three heroes introduced to the game will be Doomfist, Bria, and Ivon.

While fans have been waiting a long time for Doomfist to finally be released, this is the first we've heard of the other two characters. The new information claims that the highly-anticipated character will be coming in "days, not months" and will act as a Reinhardt and Roadhog counter. Whether the leak is genuine or not, here's what we've learned:

Bria is a character that has just begun testing, aiming for a release in the third quarter of 2017. She is allegedly the smallest member of the game's cast, with a play style that allows the hero to lock off certain section of maps to assist her team, though not multiple areas at once. This would allow her to be a strong player in control maps where the objective could be stalled until Bria's team returns.

Ivon is up next, and considered to be in the early concept stages of development which fits Blizzard's previous statement that there wouldn't be more than two hero releases per year. Ivan is a tall, lanky, elderly man wearing a close-fitted business suit with red accents. The upcoming male hero is the game's second Russian character, and will be a part of the defense category.

Ivan's defensive abilities include being able to summon weak swarming bots and control them at will. His ultimate ability will double the amount of robots that the character controls, making him somewhere between Torbjorn and the recently-reworked Symmetra in usability.

Alongside the character leaks, the user also revealed that there will be a new event on May 24, to celebrate Overwatch's first birthday. Of course, all the new information should be taken with a pinch of salt since there's no official confirmation at this point, but we're sure it's not going to be long before the next big reveal from the Overwatch team.

Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit

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