10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Overwatch

Overwatch may be a simple game that's general enough on the surface, but like any Blizzard game it's full of fun Easter eggs, interesting mechanics lesser-known to the players, and even amusing bugs that developers have yet to fix. Even three years after its release the game and its content continues to surprise us and there might even be things that you don't even know about. So that's what we're addressing here today: 10 things that you most likely still didn't know you could do in Overwatch. Enjoy testing these tricks next time you load up the game!

10 Open Junkertown’s Vault Yourself

When attacking on Junkertown, you may have noticed two pressure plates on the floor. If these are activated, a door slides open on the left side and you’ll discover a hidden treasure room inside the spawn. While this is common knowledge, did you know that you can activate these two plates yourself if you play Sombra or Reaper? Sombra can throw her translocator on one of the pressure plates while standing on the other and Reaper is able to use his teleportation to momentarily stand simultaneously on both plates. No need to wait for your teammates to open this little fun easter egg door anymore!

9 Headshot Someone Through A Shield

That’s right, if you play Hanzo you can use your Sonic Arrow to time a headshot by shooting it on a shield. Once the shield breaks or falls, the arrow will continue flying in the same direction you shot it, and if someone happens to be right there in its path, you can land a very sneaky and rare headshot.

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You can use this trick to your advantage when playing against a composition that uses a lot of shields, like Reinhardt or Orisa as a tank. However, if you’re getting harassed by a Brigitte or a Winston this tip might also come in handy, and your enemy isn’t likely to expect it, which makes securing a cheeky kill even easier.

8 Escape Anything On Moira

Moira is one of the best healers in the game in terms of sheer mobility, but also her healing output in tank heavy compositions. When using her Fade ability, if you jump right at the end of the animation, you’ll be able to carry on the momentum of her speed for a little further, which is great when crossing gaps or trying to get away from the enemy. She’s also able to escape a Graviton Surge with her Fade and with the new patch available on PTR, she’s actually able to Fade whenever she gets slept or stunned, giving her incredible sustain in just about any situation.

7 Purge All Negative Effects With Translocator

For every Sombra player out there, this is a great tip to know, especially now that Sombra is one of the strongest DPS heroes in the game. If you find yourself in a really sticky situation where you’re getting anti-naded or frozen or even discorded, use your translocator to jump out.

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By doing this you will instantly purge the damage over time effect or negative effect from Sombra and potentially save your life when your team isn’t there to support you. Just make sure to always place your translocator somewhere safe.

6 Jump Off To Deny A Kill

It often occurs that your team dies and you just happen to be the only one alive. While you could just die to the enemy as well, that’s actually sub-optimal because the enemy will charge their ultimates off of your death. Instead, if you can, find a spot where you can jump off into the void and kill yourself. Make sure, however, that you jump before falling. The way the game works is that it registers the last action done by you or performed by an enemy. If an enemy were to hit you with a stun ability, not a regular attack, and you were to walk off the edge, they would still get the kill credit from it and charge their ultimates. This is why it’s crucial to always make sure you jump and then fall down to deny that juicy ultimate charge from your enemy.

5 Go Under The Map In King’s Row

Well, no, not technically under the map, but at that last point in King’s Row you can actually go underneath the walkway and flank to the enemy side, or if you’re defending, you can flank from your spawn by going underneath as well. This is doable on heroes like Lucio, D.Va, Hammond, and in some cases even Winston and Genji. It might take a bit of practice, but once mastered you’ll be an unstoppable flanker and a real annoyance to the enemy team’s backline that won’t see you coming every time you use your superior escape or engagement route.

4 Say Hi To B.O.B And The Training Bots

Whoever said a bad word about bots obviously had no idea what they were talking about and weren’t aware of the fact that the bots are much smarter than we give them credit for. Load up training grounds and go say hello to each of your favorite hostile or friendly bots, we guarantee you they’ll give you a polite wave and response back.

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Or, next time you see B.O.B in a game, why not give him a nice greeting? He’s quick to wave back at you as well, and it’s only fair to give him a bit of kindness with all the hard work he puts in for Ashe and the rest of the team.

3 Muffle Your Fall

While everyone knows how to crouch and understands that by doing this we make much less noise than when running normally, another action that most players don’t understand how to muffle falling down from a high ground spot behind enemies. In order to silence the sound of your feet hitting the ground, jump right before hitting the ground and then press your crouch button and you should have a softer landing that won’t immediately alarm your enemies that are most likely focused on something else. This is great for any flanking hero that wants to get a pick on the backline healers.

2 Teleport In Spawn On Ilios

Next time you load up a game on Ilios, head up to the cockpit of your dropship in spawn and turn towards the side that’s facing the control point. Then, jump on top of the cockpit’s control panel and crouch between the edge of it and the window while walking forward. You should encounter a bug that teleports you back to the center of the cockpit. It’s a funny little detail that developers don’t seem to have patched for just yet and although it doesn’t have any utility, it’s an amusing thing to share with your teammates who might not have heard about it before.

1 Sing The Overwatch Theme On Wrecking Ball

On Dorado attack side spawn it’s not uncommon for players to spend their time playing the three bells located at the top of the spawn house. There’s also another bell just on the right side within the garden area. If you get on Wrecking Ball and play the bells in the right order to mimic the Overwatch opening theme, you’ll hear a very adorable little snippet of a song that everyone’s favorite rolling hamster ball will perform. Next time you want to truly impress your teammates, learn this little trick by heart.

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