After months of speculation and rumors, Doomfist has finally arrived on the Overwatch public test realms. During the month’s when then the playable character was being teased, the community rallied behind the idea of Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews voicing the new roster member. The actor himself even got in on the fun by actively talking about the game and the character on Twitter. Crews, unfortunately, didn’t get the gig, but some creative fans are still finding ways to imagine what Doomfist might sound like if he had.

Terry Crews has already released a public statement about not playing Doomfist, but some members of the community aren’t ready to let go of that dream just yet. One YouTuber in particular has taken footage from the PTR Doomfist testing and combined it with audio clips from Crews’ other work to image what it might be like if the actor really had played the new fighter. The results are pretty fantastic.

Here’s a look at the fan-made video…

The results are about what you might expect. Luckily, Terry Crews has done lots and lots of ridiculous yelling in his previous roles, so the creator of this video had plenty of good material to work with. One of the highlights is definitely the “In a can!” line whenever Doomfist picks up a health pack. The “Oh no!” death scream stands out, as well.

There is no official release date for Doomfist in the live game at this point, but in the past it has usually only taken a few weeks on the test servers before Blizzard was confident enough in the character’s balance to give them a full release. Hopefully, fans will be ‘booping’ enemies off of maps with Doomfist’s attacks before the end of the summer arrives.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube