The Hollywood actor Terry Crews creates a video containing a brief mock audition for the role of Doomfist in developer Blizzard’s team-based shooter Overwatch.

About a couple of months ago, Overwatch fans caught wind of the fact that Terry Crews visited Blizzard’s studio, which brought about loads of speculation regarding the possibility of the actor having been chosen by the development team to provide the voice for the character Doomfist. Since it has yet to be officially confirmed by Blizzard – or by anyone on Overwatch‘s production team, for that matter – Terry Crews continues to campaign for the role, with his latest effort being a mock audition for Doomfist.

As seen below in the YouTube video from Yahoo eSports’ channel, Crews puts his intense, yet comical vocal talents to work by reading reaction lines for Doomfist, with the character responding to certain previously recorded scenes and lines of dialogue from others. Although it’s a short clip, it’s well-worth the watch, and further solidifies Terry Crews as the leading candidate to voice Doomfist.

As one might expect, there are many in the gaming community and beyond who support the prospect of Terry Crews stepping into the recording booth to lay down some lines for Doomfist in Overwatch. For instance, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson piped up not too long ago to declare that Crews is perfect for the role, throwing full support behind the Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Idiocracy star.

For those unaware, Terry Crews is one of Hollywood’s most well-known celebrity gamers, so his knowledge and familiarity with the medium should give him the edge over his competition if he is eventually given the green light from Blizzard to lend his vocal chops to Doomfist in Overwatch. Not to mention, it would more than likely please the team-based shooter’s sizeable community of more than 25 million registered players.

Taking all of this into account, there’s still no telling if Terry Crews will go on to get his wish and have Blizzard hire the actor to play Doomfist. Blizzard is constantly updating the game to provide players with as much fresh content as possible, so the inclusion of Crews as Doomfist would surely be lauded by fans and critics alike, and could come at a moment’s notice. With it now being roughly three months since the addition of Sombra, it’s high time for the developer to add another hero, and it will be interesting to see if and when Terry Crews will be able to provide the kind of over-the-top energy and charm that is required for a character like Doomfist.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.