Overwatch Player Gives Symmetra Troll A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

When one Overwatch player had enough of a Symmetra trolling his party, they took matters into their own hands and got justice for their fallen comrades.

Anyone who has played Overwatch has encountered a troll or two, likely more. Blizzard has taken steps to disarm the more toxic players, but there is little they can do when a troll uses a character's own abilities to make life miserable for their teammates. While Mei is often hailed as the ultimate troll for her ability to summon ice walls at will, blocking all players' paths, trapping allies with an enemy ultimate, or launching player carcasses into the sky, Symmetra comes as a close second.

However, people are getting wise to these tired antics and some are fighting back. While it's impossible to damage another player on your team, it is sometimes possible to troll the trolls.


In the case with Symmetra, she has the invaluable ability to summon teleporters that allow allies to instantly jump from the spawn point to, what most assume, is a receiving teleporter in the heart of the action. Having Symmetra on a team can be advantageous, sometimes crucial, depending on the map. In fact, Blizzard is working on a significant buff to encourage player's to pick her more often.

Allies charge through her teleporters, hoping to jump right back into the fray, rushing to the aid of their teammates, prepared for anything... except that cliff. Symmetra trolls have a very distinct modus operandi, which is to position the receiving teleporter in a way that most players, with complete trust in their heart, walk through and instantly plummet to their doom.

Is it humorous? Absolutely, the first couple of times it's encountered. Now, most players are utterly exhausted by it. While Blizzard is in the midst of overhauling most existing characters, there is little they can do to counteract situations like this.

Blizzard Overwatch Screenshot - Symmetra

In this clip, YouTube user 'Will-e M' encounters one such Symmetra troll, but has clearly been burned enough times to be cautious when walking their their teleporter. Taking baby steps, he tip-toes through to see Symmetra taking a seat with her sitting emote (a popular troll tactic), stepping away from the keyboard, and watching the carnage unfold. Ah, but her hubris is her undoing.

While he can't damage an ally, he can give her a little push, which is exactly what he did; and off the cliff she goes. Nothing sweeter than revenge with a hint of irony for extra flavor. Those who have suffered obnoxious fates at the hands of trolls will find this situation extremely satisfying. A tip of the hat to this player who proves that a cocky troll is a dead troll.

Source: YouTube (via Kotaku)

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