Overwatch: Symmetra Will Get More Legendary Skins Soon


Despite being part of the Overwatch roster since the game's release a year ago, turret-building support character Symmetra has been relatively shortchanged when it comes to receiving new legendary skins compared to the game's other 23 heroes. However, this appears to be changing soon as Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has dropped a major tease that Symmetra will be receiving new skins at some point in the future.

In response to a new Blizzard Forum question regarding new legendary skins for Symmetra, Kaplan strongly hinted that the character will be getting a new wardrobe, writing that "Symmetra fans will be very pleased soon." While the Overwatch director didn't outright confirm this, it would not be a stretch to assume that the development are working on new skins for Symmetra, especially considering how she was one of the few characters to miss out on receiving a legendary skin during each of the game's previous seasonal events.

No specific timeframe has been given for when these presumed Symmetra legendary skins are arriving, but given that Overwatch is quickly closing in the first anniversary of its initial launch, it would be a safe bet to assume that Symmetra's new wardrobe will be arriving as part of the rumored Overwatch anniversary event.


The fact that Symmetra has yet to receive a new legendary skin may come as a surprise to some, given that she was part of Overwatch's initial hero roster. While no reasons have been given as to why this is, perhaps the previous controversy surrounding Symmetra's Devi skin caused Blizzard to be a bit more cautious about developing new assets for the character. The constant player feedback regarding Symmetra's viability may have also played a part in the relative lack of new skins, as the development team would have most likely prioritized getting the character's combat balance right than focusing on her new wardrobe.

New skins for Symmetra are far from the only thing currently in development for Overwatch, and fans can certainly expect quite a few things in the coming weeks. From rumors of three new maps to a series of new Overwatch heroes in the works, it certainly appears that Blizzard have some big plans for its massively popular multiplayer shooter as 2017 slowly reaches its midway point.

With Overwatch's first anniversary inching ever closer, there is no doubt that the player community is gearing up for something big from Blizzard in celebration of the game's big milestone. It remains to be seen what the studio have got planned for the game, but at the very least we know that Symmetra fans will be very pleased soon.

Overwatch is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Blizzard

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