Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan is back with another Developer Update video confirming the upcoming release of the Summer Games 2017 event. The 7-minute update is packed full of details regarding additions and changes in Summer Games 2017, including details on new skins, old skins, Lucioball, and more. Overwatch‘s Summer Games 2017 will officially begin on August 8, so start saving your Credits.

As predicted, Lucioball is the major mode for the Summer Games event, but Blizzard isn’t content delivering the same thing all over again, so 2017’s Lucioball has some changes. Lucioball 2017’s biggest addition is a new stadium set in Sydney, Australia, played in rotation with 2016’s Estádio das Rãs in Rio.

Gameplay in Lucioball is changing too. Lucio will no longer be able to “boop” opposing players, and the Lucioball ultimate now empowers Lucio’s speed and jumping rather than pulling the ball towards him.

Perhaps most exciting regarding Summer Games 2017 Lucioball is the addition of competitive Lucioball. Copa Lucioball will be a special card in Overwatch‘s Arcade section, offering a ranked version of the event. Gamers can play through the initial 10 Copa Lucioball placement matches and get a special spray, or finish the three-week event in Copa Lucioball’s top 500 for an extremely exclusive spray.

As with all Overwatch events, skins are just as much of a draw as the special game modes. Summer Games 2017 is unique when it comes to skins, as it was the game’s first event and now the first to repeat.

Overwatch Lucioball 2017

Kaplan is happy to announce that the classic Summer Games 2016 skins will be returning in 2017’s event. More than that, the older skins will be available to purchase with credits at standard rates instead of the 3x event rates. Kaplan doesn’t clarify if the older skins will be in the Summer Games 2017 loot boxes, though.

While the Summer Games 2016 skins will be available in loot boxes during the event, new legendary skins are confirmed for both Junkrat and Mercy, with Kaplan saying that Mercy’s new skin is one of his favorites in the game. Widowmaker and McCree will both be getting new skins, though Kaplan doesn’t say whether they’ll be Legendary or not.

And finally, Jeff mentions that players should expect some “silly stuff” too, but doesn’t go into detail. Not to get any Roadhog players’ hopes up, but Kaplan does troll a bit and mentions the tank before correcting himself and noting not to expect anything. Jeff wouldn’t be that cruel without having something planned, right?

Overwatch is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event starts on August 8 and will last for three weeks.