TheJamk and other modders continue to bring Overwatch characters to Street Fighter 5, with the likes of Roadhog, Tracer, Mae, and D.Va now in the game.

Besides both having controversial butt animations at one point, there’s not much that Street Fighter V and Overwatch have in common. However, that hasn’t stopped the modding community from adding some of Overwatch‘s heroes to the Street Fighter V roster, with modder TheJamk being responsible for most of these mods.

TheJamk has previously created a Tracer mod, a Reinhardt mod, and a Mei mod for Street Fighter V, and now he’s added Roadhog to the mix as well. Street Fighter V character Birdie was used as the basis for TheJamk’s Roadhog mod, which means that the character is able to retain the chain hook that he uses for much of his offense in Overwatch. This makes Roadhog’s moveset in Street Fighter V perhaps the most accurate out of all the Overwatch characters that have been added to the game so far.

TheJamk’s mods have been impressive, but he’s not the only modder adding Overwatch characters to Street Fighter V. A modder by the name of Oscar Gunnarsson has also gotten in on the action, converting Street Fighter V‘s Karin to Overwatch‘s D.Va – sans mech, of course.

Amusing mods like these are part of the reason why it’s exciting to see mod support expand to consoles. However, with Street Fighter V console exclusive to PlayStation 4, it means that these Overwatch mods will probably never come to the platform. For one, mods based on licensed content like Overwatch are unlikely to be approved for consoles anyway, and secondly, the PS4 is struggling with console mods so far.

Bethesda, the company leading the charge when it comes to bringing mods to consoles, has found it difficult to implement the feature as it pertains to the PS4 version of Fallout 4. If Bethesda is able to iron out these issues, the company could blaze a trail for other games to support console mods on PS4, like Street Fighter V.

Regardless of if Street Fighter V console players will ever be able to use mods, it seems likely that TheJamk and other modders will eventually bring the entire Overwatch cast to the PC version of the game. Some Overwatch characters may be trickier to translate to Street Fighter V than others, but if anyone can get it done, it’s the talented members of the gaming modding community.

Street Fighter V is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: TheJamk (via Eurogamer)