Staying true to its word of banning any and all cheaters, Blizzard has just banned a high-ranked Overwatch streamer in the middle of a match due to the use of an “aimbot”.

Blizzard’s critically-acclaimed first-person shooter Overwatch been nothing short of a massive success since its release back in May, so much so that the game just recently surpassed a whopping 15 million players. But as it is with a large-scale online multiplayer game such as Overwatch, there is a competitive aspect to it, and some players will resort to any means to get ahead in the game – even cheating. Blizzard realized this very early on and issued out stern warnings that cheaters will be banned, which has resulted in thousands of players being permanently from the game. However, this hasn’t stopped players from trying to cheat, and they’ve found out the hard way that Blizzard isn’t fooling around – particularly one high-level player from Korea.

Just recently, a top-200 ranked Korean Overwatch streamer by the name of KiD x posted up a video of themselves playing the game. This would normally be fine if it weren’t for the fact that the they use an “aimbot” – a hack which helps players aim at enemies – and aren’t exactly subtle about it either. While some players attempt to disguise the use of an aimbot, KiD x didn’t even bother, and needless to say, they were quickly kicked to the sign-in screen permanently.

Check out the offending video right here – the ban occurs at around the 3:00 mark.

Of course, KiD x’s ban is far from the first time that Blizzard have permanently kicked cheaters from Overwatch. The developer banned a large group of cheaters who were also using “aimbots” to get ahead in the game just last week, and prior to that incident, Blizzard brought the ban-hammer down on over 1,500 cheaters in China.

With Overwatch‘s popularity currently sweeping up gamers worldwide – it has managed to topple League of Legends in South Korea as the most-played game – and a large player base that’s still steadily growing, it isn’t too surprising to see players attempt to cheat their way to success. Blizzard have taken some drastic steps in an attempt to curb this sort of behaviour, and not only does Overwatch have a powerful anti-cheating system that’s yet to be cracked, the developer have even resorted to legal action against the creators of Overwatch cheat programs.

Given that Overwatch has the potential to push eSports to new heights, Blizzard’s adherence to its strict banning policy – regardless of player rank and skill – bodes well for the future of the game.

Overwatch is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube (via Kotaku)