Overwatch Mythbusters Video Examines Sombra


Learn some tips and tricks about playing Overwatch's new hero, Sombra, with this video looking into what the character can do with her unique kit of abilities.

Overwatch's newest addition to the roster, Sombra, is an offensive infiltration character with stealth and translocation abilities along with talents that allow her to hack and disable other characters. Players have a bevy of options when it comes to Sombra's abilities.

With such a unique kit, there are a lot of questions about just what she can do and what other characters in Overwatch can do to counter effectively. YouTube channel DefendTheHouse put Sombra to the test to find out exactly that.


The first talent the video explores is Sombra's cloaking ability. If anyone has played as Zenyatta and tagged Sombra with a Discord Orb, they may have noticed that the orb disappears when Sombra cloaks. However, while it goes missing from view it is still attached to the invisible Sombra and will persist through the cloak. Neither will Sombra's cloak keep her safe from Widowmaker's Venom Mine; a cloaked Sombra will still set off the mine, which in turn will pull her out of invisibility due to her taking damage.

What will be shaken off by Sombra's cloaking ability, however, are McCree's and Soldier: 76's ultimates. Neither Deadeye nor Tactical Visor will lock onto Sombra when she is invisible. In the same way, turrets belonging to both Torbjorn and Symmetra will not lock onto Sombra until she is visible again.


Next up is Sombra's Translocator ability. This piece of equipment gives players a highly versatile and effective tool (and it's not just a way to get outide the map). It allows for quick traversal, but perhaps an even better use is acting as an instant return point to safety. In effect, it's a riff off Tracer's recall ability.

But as the video shows, Junkrat's trap can be a perfect counter to the Translocator. If a Junkrat places a trap on top of the Translocator and Sombra teleports to it, she will instantly trigger the trap. Especially if it is being used as an escape plan when weak, Junkrat's trap could potentially and easily finish off a low-health Sombra. This becomes an even more beneficial tactic when taking into account that the Translocator cannot be destroyed by any means, as also shown in the video.

Knowing these facts will help players who want to play as Sombra know what she can get out of using her own abilities. This will also help players know what can counter a Sombra well, mainly a Junkrat or a Widowmaker. This will be good to know, especially with the third competitive season starting next week.

Overwatch is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube

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