Overwatch: Sombra, More Details on Halloween Event Leaked

Overwatch: Sombra, More Details on Halloween Event Leaked - Reaper

An image of what appears to be the new Overwatch character Sombra leaks online, along with more details on the game's rumored upcoming Halloween event.

A couple of days ago, Halloween loot boxes for Overwatch appeared on Xbox Live Marketplace, prematurely revealing a Halloween-themed event for Blizzard's popular shooter. Now even more evidence that Halloween is coming to Overwatch has appeared online, pointing to new costumes for some of the game's heroes and a brand new game mode, as well as giving fans their first good look at what is possibly the ever-elusive Sombra.

In terms of Halloween content, four new costumes have leaked. Once the Halloween update comes to Overwatch, it appears that Mercy will have a witch costume, Reaper will have a Jack-O-Lantern helmet instead of his usual skull mask, Junkrat will be dressed in mad scientist garb as "Dr. Junkenstein," and Roadhog will play the role of Dr. Junkenstein's monster. As was the case with the game's Rio Olympics content this past summer, it's probable that the rest of the Overwatch roster will also receive new skins during the Halloween event.

Besides new costumes, it also appears as though the Halloween event will add a brand new game mode to Overwatch. This mode sees players defending a castle from something called Zomnics and the evil allies of Dr. Junkenstein. On paper, this sounds like it could possibly be similar to Horde Mode, but it's also possible that it is just another twist on the game's standard multiplayer experience that will be showcased in the Weekly Brawls.

Overwatch: Sombra, More Details on Halloween Event Leaked - Sombra

Along with these leaks on the Halloween content apparently coming to the game, we also have what is possibly the first detailed image of new DLC character Sombra. As seen in the image above, Sombra is wearing a stylish purple jacket, complete with a submachine gun and some of kind of technologically advanced gloves. According to a snippet of her biography that was also leaked, Sombra is a notorious hacker affiliated with the antagonistic Los Muertos gang, the group of baddies first seen in the Soldier: 76 animated short, so perhaps her gloves are used during her hacking exploits.

In regards to the Overwatch lore, Sombra is a villain, joining forces with the likes of Reaper and Widowmaker within the ranks of the Talon organization. Beyond these details, Sombra is a character still mostly shrouded in mystery, and until Blizzard gives her an official confirmation, players shouldn't expect to learn much else about her.

Blizzard will also need to officially confirm the details for this leaked Halloween event before fans get too excited about it. At least fans shouldn't have to wait too long for a confirmation, at least, because if all this Halloween-themed content truly is on the way for Overwatch, an announcement should come from Blizzard any day now.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon

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