Overwatch Players Discover Amusing Sombra Glitch


Just when we thought we knew all of Sombra's abilities, it appears that the hacker heroine can hack her way outside of Overwatch's maps for a spot of skydiving.

After last week's reveal that Sombra would be the next hero to enter the fight in Blizzard's popular first-person shooter Overwatch, fans have already found an exploit that allows the character to go skydiving in every map.

Of course, Sombra is only currently available on the Public Test Realms, but that hasn't stopped players from experimenting with how they can use the hacker heroine to break the laws of physics in Overwatch. According to a new video from YouTuber Hoshizora, Sombra's translocator can be used in Custom Games to allow the player to travel through the air and even go skydiving.


Of course, this exploit can only be used on a Custom Game where the hero ablities are set to have no cooldown, but it's a fun way of exploring the maps nonetheless. Due to the nature of Overwatch's skyboxes, it seems that Sombra's unique abilities make her the only hero currently known to be capable of surpassing the limits of the atmosphere and seeing everything that the stage designers have to offer.

Hoshizora also made a second video that shows how the exploit is possible. By repeatedly mashing the 'E' key to use Sombra's translocator ability, the character will continue to throw her teleporting device higher into the air as she appears at the previous one, creating an endless cycle. The Sombra fan writes that they hope people like the video because their E key is now broken.


In other recent changes that will be coming to Overwatch in the near future, Blizzard is experimenting with a new buff to Pharah which might see the Egyptian security chief capable of spending an entire match without touching the ground. The change comes to the character's passive flight ability, which replaces her jump and offers a 35% boost to her standard flight.

Of course, this or any other change on the PTR is strictly experimental and Blizzard has stated that none are guaranteed to make it into the full game. One change that is definitely on the way, however, is the move to a single-character limit format for the game's Quick Play mode.

The ability to have multiple copies of the same hero will still be present in the game, only moved to the upcoming Arcade mode, alongside the weekly brawls, and will be part of a new way for players to earn lootboxes every week.

Overwatch is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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