New Website Counts Down To Next Clue For Overwatch's Sombra

A new website is counting down to what some fans believe to be the official reveal for Sombra, the upcoming character that is the focus of the popular Overwatch ARG.

Sombra is arguably the most illusive character in Overwatch. Her name literally means shadow, for goodness sake. At this point it is unclear if she will ever make her way into the game since her bag seems to be very long games of virtual cat and mouse with no apparent end. This expert hacker has been teasing fans of her arrival for months through an ARG that has had the whole Internet playing detective and, despite what many thought today, she is still at it.

This morning another breadcrumb was delicately placed in the Overwatch official forums when Sombra, under the handle Skycoder, filled a post with yet another coded clue. It didn't take long to work out the code and deciphering this gobbledegook revealed a message from Sombra addressing the Game Detectives, a group dedicated to solving such mysteries, directly. Their efforts have gotten the attention of this fictional character and it seemed she (Blizzard) wanted to test them further.

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After following the trail until it apparently went cold, many called off the search, but keen eyed observers noticed the time stamp for Sombra's post began decreasing. Many suspected this was a countdown and the Internet was abuzz once again with anxious fans and naysayers speaking their piece on the subject. When the timer expired nothing discernible happened and it felt like some excellent trolling by Blizzard Entertainment. Not quite.

The original website that was a main focal point of the ARG this morning has turned into yet another countdown. Revisiting the website reveals a different set of text and "3%", which has been confirmed to have been 2% a short time ago. While it is obviously meant to look like a download, it's basically an alternative way to represent a countdown. The hacker stylization was just for theme. But what it's counting down to is, of course, a mystery.

Taking a peek at the website's source code shows a line of hidden text that reads "Bien hecho, ya tienen mi clave. Hackear este programa de televisión no tuvo chiste. Espérense a lo que sigue." In English it roughly translates to "Well done, you now have my key. Hacking that TV show was no fun. Wait for what's next."

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What is next is never quite clear. When the original countdown began, people were positive Sombra's announcement would be today. Now it seems that countdown was counting down to another countdown. So when the website hits 100% let us hope it isn't another countdown or the Internet will explode.

Until then, gamers can anxiously await all of the great Overwatch announcements from last weekend's gamescom 2016, which includes a new map and skins. Currently they're in the PTR, but they are expected to go live soon. Additionally, Blizzard is making some big changes to already established characters that will shake things up. The company is also fixing that pesky aim assist bug that console players have been suffering through.

Overwatch is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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