Overwatch: Sombra Weapon & Abilities Revealed

Overwatch: Sombra Abilities Detailed - Overwatch Sombra

After teasing fans for months, Blizzard finally reveals Sombra for Overwatch at BlizzCon 2016, detailing her primary weapon, special abilities, and her ultimate attack.

Since Overwatch is Blizzard's fastest game to hit 20 million players, it makes sense that the company put the title front and center during its BlizzCon event this year. Not only did the developer announce a new game mode and two new maps coming to the team-based shooter, but Blizzard also pulled the curtain back on the long-awaited DLC character Sombra, detailing her class and abilities.

When Sombra is eventually added to Overwatch, she will be an Offense character, with numerous abilities themed after her career as the world's greatest hacker. Her main weapon will be her machine pistol, which is a fully-automatic gun that fires fast, but has short range. Sombra's special abilities should go a long way in compensating for her gun's shortcomings, however.

Sombra will have to get up close and personal to enemies in order to use the machine pistol effectively. One way she can do this is by utilizing her Thermoptic Camo, which makes her invisible for a short period of time and also gives her a speed boost. As long as Sombra remains undetected, the Thermoptic Camo should make her an especially deadly Offense character.


Of course, staying in close-range of enemies is always dangerous in Overwatch, so Sombra has a couple of other tricks up her sleeve that will make these encounters a bit safer for her. One of these abilities is simply called Hack, and it disables all enemy abilities. As a bonus, Hack can also be used to disable first-aid kits for opponents. Complementing Sombra's Hack ability is the Translocator device, which she can place anywhere on the map and then teleport back to as a way to retreat when things go south.

Blizzard also revealed Sombra's ultimate ability, and it sounds like it will be especially useful against tanks like Reinhardt and Winston. Sombra's ultimate is called EMP, and as its name suggests, it unleashes an EMP blast that destroys all enemy barriers and shields caught within its radius. It also "hacks" all enemies as well, disabling their abilities and leaving them as sitting ducks.

After months of teasing fans with Sombra's reveal, it was finally time for Blizzard to detail all of her abilities, and the studio even released an animated short to help flesh out her character. Any Overwatch fans disgruntled by Blizzard's endless teasing or the Halloween event ending early may once again be singing the game's praises after Sombra's epic reveal and the promise of new maps and modes coming soon.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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