Overwatch has started the 2017 Summer Games event, bringing Lucioball back into the arcade and introducing a host of new Summer Games-specific character skins. The event will run from August 8 to August 28, giving Overwatch players 20 days to unlock as many loot boxes as they can in hopes of scoring the new character skins and other seasonal items.

Loot boxes during the Summer Games will give players a chance to earn not only the new Summer Games skins, but it will also give them a chance to unlock any of the 2016 Summer Games skins they might have missed. Players will also have the option of unlocking the 2016 skins with in-game credits while the event is on.

Here’s a look at all the new and old Summer Games skins available during the event:

Overwatch Summer Games Junkrat

Overwatch Summer Games Genji

Overwatch Summer Games Dva

Overwatch Summer Games Lucio 1

Overwatch Summer Games Lucio 2

Overwatch Summer Games McCree 1

Overwatch Summer Games McCree 2

Overwatch Summer Games Mercy 1

Overwatch Summer Games Tracer 1

Overwatch Summer Games Torbjorn

Overwatch Summer Games Sombra

Overwatch Summer Games Soldier 76

Overwatch Summer Games Reaper

Overwatch Summer Games Mercy 2

Overwatch Summer Games Tracer 2

Overwatch Summer Games Widowmaker 1

Overwatch Summer Games Widowmaker 2

Overwatch Summer Games Zarya 1

Overwatch Summer Games Zarya 2

Among the more noteworthy new skins are Widowmaker’s bikini and Sombra’s snorkeling outfit. Players have often complained that these two characters haven’t received much attention when it comes to legendary skins, so the addition of these two new skins for the character will likely please fans of the sniper and hacker characters.

The Summer Games event comes with a total of 50 new items, so players hoping to get everything will want to hurry. Of course, the quickest way to earn a few loot boxes is by jumping into Arcade, as each set of three wins unlocks a loot box on top of the loot unlocked by leveling up. Players can earn this loot while enjoying Lucioball, and also try their hand at a competitive Lucioball mode called “Copa Lucioball.”

For players that want to ensure they get the new skins, using in game credits for last year’s Summer Games skins may help. Since these skins will be available in this year’s Summer Games loot boxes, purchasing them with coins will reduce the chances of them showing up in a loot box, since Blizzard has made duplicates less likely. It will be easier to do now as well, as old Summer Games skins have a lower price compared to the 3000 credit price tag on new skins.

For players who want even more than skins, there is a new Slam Dunk Pharah highlight intro and a Beach Ball Ana emote. Serious Copa Lucioball players also have a chance to unlock special sprays just for skilled players.

Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.