Overwatch Sigma Teaser Reveals More About the Character

overwatch sigma teaser

Overwatch has been teasing Hero 31, Sigma, for the past few days, with the latest teaser offering even more details on what to expect from the new character. Like past Sigma teasers, this latest one is short, but there are some details that potentially shed some light on his backstory.

In the new Overwatch Sigma teaser, we see what is presumably Sigma in an orange shirt or jacket. There is a label on the shirt that designates Sigma as "Subject Sigma," suggesting that he is either a prisoner or a science experiment of some sort. Wherever Sigma is, it's clear that he's there against his will, as an alarm starts going off, teasing a breakout.

The new Overwatch Sigma teaser is accompanied by a melody that's similar to the piano music heard in the first Sigma teaser. Classical music has now been established as a common theme for Sigma, which could mean that he is just a fan of that kind of music, or that music may even influence his abilities in the game.

It's possible that the music in the Sigma teaser trailers have added significance that fans have yet to discover. Some have suggested that it sounds similar to the music that can be heard on the Paris map, implying a possible connection to Widowmaker. Others think that the music is unique to these trailers and can't actually be found in Overwatch itself, but the jury is still out.

Luckily, we should learn more about Sigma sooner rather than later. Game director Jeff Kaplan teased that some big Overwatch news could be on the way this week, so maybe we'll get a proper unveiling for Sigma within the next few days. While fans wait for official news on Sigma and what he will mean for Overwatch, they can dissect the teasers and try to learn more about the character that way.

In fact, fans have already started doing that to try to figure out Sigma's abilities in Overwatch. The prevailing theory is that Sigma's Ultimate ability will involve a black hole and time manipulation somehow, but we'll have to wait for the Overwatch team to share more to find out for sure.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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