Overwatch: Competitive Season 5 Starts in June

Jeff Kaplan parody video overwatch hero

Regular players of Overwatch's competitive game mode have a little time left to make the final push to the next rank. According to a new post from Game Director Jeff Kaplan on the forums, this competitive season will finish up towards the end of May, with season five launching "around the first of June."

Since there's usually about a week break between one competitive season ending and the next one launching, season four will likely come to an end a little over two weeks from now. Until then, Overwatch players can try their best to raise their personal SR enough to rank up one final time.

Getting into the higher ranks will not only grant fans more competitive points at the end of the month but is beneficial for next season too, as Overwatch's ranking system tends to look at where its players were ranked last season before using their placement matches to generate a starting score. Therefore if players end this season in Diamond, there's a good chance that they will end up there again in season five, even if they perform poorly during the placement period.

Before season five even begins, though, it seems that there will be an Overwatch anniversary event to look forward to, as the title celebrates its first birthday on May 24. The update is only confirmed through a data mine right now but, if true, it'll certainly help players pass the time between competitive seasons.

Season five also might be the season where we get the next hero release, according to a new leaker who claims to work for Blizzard. We'll know soon enough how legitimate the latest leak is, seeing as it promises that the long-awaited Doomfist will be releasing in "days, not months", and gives detailed descriptions of the next two heroes after that.

Should Doomfist release during season five, the character probably won't be available in competitive right away, similar to Orisa's early exclusion from the mode, to prevent any unbalanced gameplay or exploits affecting players' competitive games. Bear in mind, however, that the leaks could be way off, and our dream of a Terry Cruz-voiced gauntlet-wielder could still be reasonably far away.

Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


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