Overwatch Season 3 Launches With Tweak to Ranking System

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Overwatch's third competitive season is underway, and some players have noticed that the game's ranking system is behaving slightly differently from last time.

As we enter the final month of 2016, Blizzard's first-person shooter Overwatch has launched into its third season of competitive play – with many players reporting a strange new change to the game's skill-rating system.

Despite launching a little over six months ago, Overwatch is still surging in popularity, meaning that this competitive season is likely to be the most action-packed yet. After a brief intermission, all players that have achieved level twenty-five or above are now able to jump into the third season of the game's competitive play and determine their skill ranking.


The rating system, that places Overwatch fans into tiers based on their performance in ten placement matches, has seen some slight changes however. According to Blizzard, the developer had noticed a huge variation in skill level for those players that were sorted into the Gold or Platinum ranks. Therefore there was a clear need for adjustment on the company's part, who are looking to make this season's rankings a little more accurate.

"Many players will be ranked lower than expected after their Season 3 placement matches," Blizzard commented."However, this should normalise as the season progresses"

Despite this claim, many players on the Overwatch subreddit are claiming that their rankings aren't at all reflective of their performance in placement matches, with some fans theorizing that the ranking system is drawing off last season's placement of the player in order to determine their skill level. This system would appear to be rather unfair and is likely a bug, if it becomes confirmed in the near future.

In terms of other changes to the game's competitive play, the upcoming map Oasis will likely soon be playable in the live version of Overwatch, seeing as the new area has arrived on the first-person shooter's Public Test Realm. Other upcoming updates, such as the planned redesign of support character Symmetra, will also be coming soon, hopefully raising the hero's use in both quick play and competitive gamemodes.

In other Overwatch news, those who don't enjoy playing fairly when it comes to their online FPS gaming want to sue Blizzard over its ban policies. The company is notorious for its use of the ban-hammer, meaning that any software present on a users PC that could allow for cheating might just leave a player with a lifetime free from Overwatch if the developer finds it.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Sources: Vg247, Reddit

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