For a nearly three-year-old title, Overwatch has a surprisingly active player base, and its growing presence in the eSports community will likely continue to attract new players. With a seemingly bright future ahead, now is a great time to jump into one of today’s foremost online competitive games, especially considering those interested can get their hands on a copy for less dough than ever.

Humble Bundle is a company that sells games, ebooks, and other digital content and donates a portion of sales to various charities. Shoppers can purchase individual bundles or subscribe to ‘Humble Monthly,’ which sends a different bundle of downloadable games to subscribers every month. As a special incentive, Humble Bundle is offering Overwatch for immediate download for the relatively low subscription cost of $12 USD.

At that price, cost-conscious buyers will have a hard time finding a better deal. Even at its $40 MSRP, Overwatch offers a polished, robust online experience well worth the admission cost. Along with events like the Overwatch Summer Games, Halloween Terror, and Winter Wonderland, Blizzard works hard to keep things fresh by introducing challenges complete with various rewards.

Most recently, the D.Va Nano Cola Challenge has players strive for specific goals to earn different cosmetics. The Nano Cola Challenge is live now, but D.Va fans should act quickly, as September 10 is the last day to participate

Overwatch League logo

Overwatch is still going strong, but like any fiercely competitive title, it isn’t immune to criticism. Dallas Fuel’s Felix “xQc” Lengyel gained notoriety after being suspended from the Overwatch League for misconduct, fined thousands of dollars, and subsequently ending his professional Overwatch career. Ever since the kerfuffle, xQc has been a vocal critic of the online shooter, even going as far as to encourage his viewers on Twitch not to play the game. It’s worthwhile to note that the mentioned instance occurred while xQc streamed himself playing Overwatch.

Despite the occasional criticism, anyone looking to game on the cheap and support a worthy cause would do well to take advantage of this deal. For the record, this isn’t the first time Blizzard utilized Overwatch‘s broad reach to contribute to charity. Earlier in the year, Blizzard directed all $12 million in sales from Overwatch‘s Pink Mercy Skin to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Overwatch is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Source: Humble Bundle