Overwatch Confirms Role Queue, Reveals When It's Coming to the Game

blizzard role queue

It appears to be another exciting time for fans of Overwatch. The newest Summer Games event has begun, bringing back the Lucioball game mode as well as several new, limited-time cosmetics for certain characters. But arguably the most exciting thing to be recently announced is something that may seem mundane to some but has been hotly demanded by players for years - role queuing.

This feature was announced in a new video posted on the official Overwatch YouTube channel, where Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard's vice president and lead director on Overwatch, explained why Blizzard is finally introducing role queuing. For those who don't know, role queuing allows players to pick a specific role - tank, damage or support - and then play matches specifically for that role. Role queuing is live in the public test realm and will be available to everyone beginning September 1.

This new matchmaking system will have options for competitive and quickplay matches, and each team will consist of two damage, two support and two tank characters. Once a player picks their role, they must stick with it for the rest of the match, but they can change their desired role after a match has ended. And anyone who queues up for their roles will be able to earn in-game rewards in the form of lootboxes. This doesn't mean the old option will be removed, however. It will still be available as an arcade mode called Quick Play Classic.

Kaplan explains that this feature will help players get to be the characters they want to play, by allowing them to choose the role they feel they'd be best at and then getting to select a hero that fits the role. There will also be a skill rating for each role so players can keep track of how well they've performed and decide which one they should focus and/or improve on.

This isn't the only Overwatch news to come out recently. Kaplan had recently teased the next playable hero for the title, and now we may know their name and face courtesy of a leak via the Mexican Twitter account for the Overwatch World Cup.

Fans can also check out this full list of the new skins available during the Summer Games event, complete with pictures so they can decide whether they're worth hunting down or not.

Overwatch is available right now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameInformer

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