Overwatch: Role Queue And Sigma Are Live

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Goodbye, GOATS! A new day is dawning for Overwatch and the meta has possibly been changed forever. Role queue has gone through its testing on the PTR and is now live

There have been a lot of changes to Overwatch since it launched, with heroes, stages, and gameplay being tweaked here and there, but nothing has been as dramatic as what just arrived with the game's latest update, patch Role queue will force players to join games as a specific role, forming teams that are 2-2-2: two healers, two tanks, two DPS. It is a much more balanced team makeup and something many players have been looking forward to.

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Role queue has received relatively positive feedback on the game's PTR and Blizzard is confident it is ready to go live, so it has been implemented via an update today. This will be a Beta Season for the feature, however, running from August 13 to September 1, and will only be available in Competitive mode for now. Players will complete placement matches for each role and will receive separate ratings based on those matches. When they queue up for a match, they must choose their role first, which is a basis for concern by players that the DPS queue time could get a tad long.

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With role queue, GOATS will become extinct, much to the delight of those who found that team makeup boring. GOATS was a team made up of three tanks and three supports, completely ditching DPS. While this doesn't seem like it would be effective on paper, it was - a little too effective, in fact. In preparation for its departure from the meta, one Overwatch fan created a tribute song to GOATS, which works nicely as a humorous sendoff.

In addition to role queue, the new tank Sigma has been officially added to the game after going through his paces in the PTR. He uses the power of gravity to deal with his enemies and has a pretty tragic background that was previewed in his very unnerving introduction trailer. Those interested in getting to know more about this new hero should check out these 6 weird facts about Sigma.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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