Overwatch‘s Roadhog used to be a well-loved tank hero, using a devastating hook-shot combo to pick off enemies that were poorly positioned and turning the tides of battle in an instant. Since the recent Roadhog nerfs came into effect, the Australian outlaw has become significantly weaker in the eyes of the shooter’s playerbase, and new statistics reveal that almost no-one is playing the hero in-game at all.

According to Overwatch statistic tracker Overbuff, the character’s pick rate is so low that Roadhog is now second only to Bastion in the list of least picked heroes. In all ranks of play, the tank hero has a 0.94% pick rate at the time of this article’s writing, and teams that choose to feature a Roadhog have the lowest recorded win rate of just 43.62%.

In Grandmaster tier, where the meta is often seen as perfected, Roadhog’s pick rate is only 0.2%, and the win rate percentage is an incredibly low 43.3%. For reference, the second lowest Grandmaster win rate belongs to Bastion, who boasts a significantly higher 46.83%.

Whether players haven’t had enough time to adjust to Roadhog’s new playstyle or not, there’s no doubt in the mind of many fans that the Australian bodyguard needs some serious changes to be viable again. With Blizzard looking at increasing the Hog’s survivability in an upcoming update, the company might be doubling down on its efforts to fix the character, rather than giving him a much needed revert to his former glory.

What’s more, the lack of kill power that Roadhog currently weilds isn’t ideal for players who are heavily stuck into the dive comp meta. Without movement options and killing potential, Roadhog can’t keep up with other members of the cast without a Zenyatta or other support hero working alongside him.

While his increased fire rate does allow him to break down barriers a little easier, the existence of characters such as Sombra and the newly-released Doomfist do this job better, without acting as large a ult-farm for the opposing team. According to the majority of notable fan-complaints on the game’s subreddit, Blizzard might need to consider a total rework to the hero if it doesn’t want to reverse the changes made to Roadhog.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.