From making Junkrat’s RIP-Tire out of LEGO to crafting a perfect replica of Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier, the Overwatch community certainly isn’t short of fans who are overflowing with creativity. The latest replica comes courtesy of a team of expert blacksmiths and craftsman at Man At Arms, who forged a seriously impressive real-life version of Roadhog’s fearsome Chain Hook.

In celebration of Overwatch‘s first year anniversary, the team at Man At Arms decided to commemorate the multiplayer shooter by taking inspiration from the historical real-life weapon, the man catcher, and crafting Roadhog’s Chain Hook using some high-quality 1050 steel. After an intense process of heating, tapering, and shaping the steel into a hook, the Man At Arms team didn’t skimp on the fine details, such as adding in little things like engraved spikes that feature the letters “HOG”.

The final product is something that any fan would be glad to have on their shelf or as part of an Overwatch cosplay, and given how it was made out of steel, this Chain Hook recreation will likely do as much damage in real-life as it does in the game.

This actually isn’t the first Overwatch inspired build that Man At Arms has undertaken. Several months ago, the team was asked to forge Genji’s futuristic katana and they happily obliged, using a blend of traditional forging techniques and modern fabrication to create a truly stunning final product.

Of course, while this Chain Hook looks impressive in real-life, Roadhog’s in-game hook is considerably less so following a series of recent balance changes. The last major content patch a few weeks ago saw the character’s Scrap Gun clip size increase from 4 to 5 shots, fire rate increased by 30%, and bullet damage decreased by 33%. The final result is that Roadhog’s Scrap Gun/Chain Hook combo is no longer as fearsome as it once was for weaker characters, thus requiring greater precision and teamwork in order to play the character effectively.

This Chain Hook from Man At Arms may be the latest in a series of impressive Overwatch fan recreations, but with a roster of 25 heroes (and counting) each with their own unique arsenal, we can certainly expect more high-quality replicas to come from the community in the future, like this boxing glove Doomfist rig.

Overwatch is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.