Overwatch Releases New Bastion Comic 'Binary'


Following the promise that new Overwatch story content is "just around the corner", Blizzard has released the latest installment in the popular series of Overwatch digital comic shorts, titled "Binary".

Set after the fall of Overwatch but prior to the events of the game, the new 12-page "Binary" comic short tells the story of how the friendly robot Bastion first met turret master Torbjorn. Taking place in rural Sweden, the locals spot Bastion roaming the woods and fearing that it will attack at any given moment, Torbjorn is enlisted to help hunt down the omnic.

Despite his initial hostility towards Bastion due to his bloody history of building and subsequently going to battle against countless Bastion units during the Omnic Crisis, Torbjorn quickly discovers that the wandering robot is different due to its peaceful nature. After quickly subduing the local authorities intent on destroying Bastion, Torbjorn strikes up an uneasy peace with the omnic by taking it under his wing and helping it to survive.

For newcomers to the franchise, the sprawling scope of Overwatch's narrative and universe has meant that story content has been dispersed out through other forms of media rather than in-game, such as high-quality CGI short films and these popular digital comic shorts. As for how "Binary" fits into the canon, not only does the comic help fill in a few small narrative gaps as to what Bastion and Torbjorn were doing pre-game, it also helps explain how the two ultimately end up fighting alongside each other in the game's present timeline.


The release of the "Binary" digital comic is just the latest in what's been a large slate of Overwatch content recently. After weeks of teasing, Blizzard finally unveiled the latest character to join the hero roster, the lovable tank-like robot Orisa, who will be patched into the final build of the game in the following weeks. This follows the recent commencement of season 4 of the game's Competitive Play, which also saw a number of character balance changes and a new Custom Game mode be implemented.

It certainly appears that Blizzard are not slowing down its post-launch support for Overwatch any time soon, and with the recent promise of more story-related content this year starting with Orisa and "Binary", fans can certainly expect even exciting things in the near future.

Overwatch is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Blizzard

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