GR Pick: Overwatch Pro Pulls Off Impressive Play as Reinhardt


Blizzard's first-person shooter Overwatch is, at a professional level, a fierce battle of timing, skill, and ult-management. Finding the perfect opportunity to strike opponents with a hero's ultimate ability is a sure-fire way to turn the tide of battle for, something that Ryu “Kaiser” Sang Hoon is very much aware of, judging by this clip from the APEX pro Overwatch tournament.

Kaiser is the Reinhardt player for his team, RunAway, which means that he was in charge of holding the line with the character's giant, protective shield. But Overwatch's German tank is no pushover in terms of offensive ability either and the player had his ultimate 'Earthshatter' ready to go. His opponents, team LW Blue, were aware of this fact and made sure to keep their own Reinhardt on guard in order to counter the attack, should it be played.

As RunAway desperately tried to break through LW Blue's final defensive stand, the team knew that capping the last point was the only thing standing in the way of RunAway reaching the APEX Grand Finals and the pressure was on.

"Kaiser, the king of Earthshatters in this tournament, needs to come up big here if he wants to send his team to the finals," called out DoA, one of the game's commentators.

But just as the match announcers begin to lose all hope, informing viewers that RunAway will probably be stalled out as one of their team members falls in battle, Kaiser drops the hammer. An incredible Earthshatter is one that would catch a couple of major players, interrupting their attacks and knocking them down, ready for a follow-up. Kaiser however, manages the impossible, stunning five of the six members of LW Blue with a single ult. After that, support hero Ana pops her ultimate ability 'Nano Boost' to power up Overwatch's oldest hero and allow him to charge in and decimate the remaining enemies.

Taking full advantage of the opportunity presented to them, RunAway clean up the remnants of LW Blue and get a well-earned Team Kill. Then all that was left was the last few metres of payload moving to secure the team a place in Grand Finals. There's got to be credit given to LW Blue however, as the team managed to muster up an impressive last ditch effort to hold the point, but RunAway's advantage proved just too much for the season favorites. Another Earthshatter from Kaiser comes down and the game comes to its conclusion.

It's moments like these that allow even non-Overwatch players to see the tremendous effort that teams are putting in to the game. And with Blizzard constantly adding free updates to the title, such as the recent addition of tank hero Orisa, there's never been a better time to jump in and try the team-based shooter.

With Season 4 of competitive play recently beginning, teams all over the world are in the process of advancing their games. But even the best of plays may not hold a candle to Kaiser's Earthshatter which will likely stick around in the Overwatch hall of fame for years to come.

That said, we've certainly cast our vote for what has to be Overwatch's greatest Play of the Game ever.

Overwatch is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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