Overwatch: Blizzard To Fix Accidental Reinhardt Nerf


The recently-launched Overwatch Anniversary event may have brought along a slate of cosmetic items and two new game modes, but fans have noticed that the update also brought along a curious nerf to Reinhardt's hammer swing.

Reinhardt players have noted that the latest patch has reduced the effectiveness of the character's hammer, with hits now only registering after a full swing as opposed to having hits registered when the hammer was in the middle of the screen, meaning the time required to hit an opponent has doubled. Fans have taken to the Overwatch sub-Reddit to voice their concerns, but thankfully, Overwatch lead software engineer Bill Warnecke was quick to reply and stated that the Reinhardt nerf was unintentional before confirming that the team will be looking into a fix for the problem.

While the Overwatch Anniversary event has been well-received so far, this accidental Reinhardt nerf is the second event-related problem in as many days. Following the excitement over the 108 pieces of new loot, which includes 11 new Legendary skins, fans quickly became concerned over the huge cost required to unlock every piece of new content. But as it was with Warnecke's quick reply to the Reinhardt nerf, the Overwatch team was quick to respond to the loot cost issue and to reassure fans that their concerns are being heard.

A time frame for when this Reinhardt fix will be arriving has not yet been confirmed, but with the current Anniversary event underway, players can expect an update very soon. While the fix may come on its own in a small patch, there's also a chance that it will be part of the next big Overwatch update, which may possibly include a brand new character or at least hints of a new character. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan teased that news relating to a new hero is "on the horizon" just a few days ago, so it would make some sense for Blizzard to bundle the Reinhardt fix with a series of other updates and reveals.

Given how Reinhardt has been a staple in many team compositions ever since the game was launched last year, hopefully a fix will arrive before the commencement of season 5 of Overwatch's Competitive Play.

Overwatch is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Reddit

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