Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan may think that the multiplayer shooter is currently balanced, but this hasn’t stopped the development team from continually tweaking and improving things in the game. The latest PTR patch sees a series of new balance changes be introduced for Doomfist, McCree, Reaper, and Zarya, as well as an update in regards to reported issues with Reinhardt.

It is no surprise that the development team are still fine-tuning Doomfist’s abilities given how he is the newest character to be introduced into Overwatch, and the newest PTR update sees two big changes made to the hero. The first change involves slightly nerfing the character’s Rocket Punch attack, whereby the total distance traveled is reduced by 20%. Players will have perhaps noticed this change earlier on the PTR, but this is the first acknowledgement about the tweak made by Blizzard. The second change adds a new UI indicator for Doomfist’s Seismic Slam attack, which will display how much damage it will deal and how much it dealt.

Doomfist‘s fellow attackers McCree and Reaper have also received a few tweaks, with the cowboy’s Flashbang attack being buffed so that targets are slowed down more significantly, and the shotgun-wielding spectre’s Shadow Step ability being buffed with the reduction of its VO and SFX distance.


Moving beyond changes for attacking characters, the new PTR update also introduces some new changes for two popular tank characters, Reinhardt and Zarya. Zarya’s Graviton Surge Ultimate ability receives a handy buff as all movement abilities of affected targets are now disabled, similar to how Junkrat’s trap works.

As for Reinhardt, the armor-wearing tank’s Hammer swing speed is increased by 10%, as well as some new tweaks to the attack’s timings in order to make it feel more responsive. And finally, Reinhardt’s Charge attack now no longer deals damage to another charging hero (such as another Reinhardt or Doomfist), though both characters will still be knocked down.

However, this isn’t the only thing that’s coming for Reinhardt, as Kaplan has also stated that the development team are currently looking into various reported issues with the character. For those who are unaware, players have noted that when a new patch was introduced a few weeks ago, Reinhardt’s Hammer was accidentally nerfed and his Charge attack is wildly inconsistent due to its hitbox being unintentionally shrunk. Attempts at fixing these issues with the recent Horizon Lunar Colony patch didn’t work as expected, and Kaplan has stated that the team are currently looking into the various Reinhardt bugs.

All these aforementioned changes are currently on the Overwatch PTR and no date has yet been revealed for when these tweaks will be introduced into the final build of the game. With the Summer Games event rumored to make a return soon, perhaps we may see a new update come in the next few weeks.

Overwatch is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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