Overwatch Player Replaces Reaper Sound Effects With Seinfeld Noises

Overwatch Player Replaces Reaper Sound Effects With Seinfeld Noises - Seinfeld cast

YouTuber and Overwatch fan elliobot replaces Reaper's sound effects in the game with noises and voice clips from the hit 90s television sitcom Seinfeld.

With an endless stream of fan art and even a tribute rap video, it's clear that the Overwatch community is passionate about the game. This passion has manifested itself in a number of ways, with one creative Overwatch player deciding to combine his apparent love of Overwatch with his admiration of the 90s sitcom that was once hailed as the "greatest show of all time" by TV Guide, the quirky Seinfeld.

Seinfeld, "a show about nothing," is known for its distinct sound effects used to transition between scenes, and YouTuber elliobot has decided to add these sound effects to Overwatch. More specifically, elliobot has paired the Seinfeld sound effects with Reaper in new YouTube video, to comedic results.

In the video, Reaper's deep, gravelly voice and cryptic catchphrases have been replaced by Jerry Seinfeld quotes from the show. For example, when Reaper uses his teleport ability, he says a drawn out "hello" as Jerry was known to do in the show (complete with laugh track). When Reaper uses his Death Blossom ultimate attack, instead of saying, "Die, die, die!" like he usually does, he says a spattering of Seinfeld-isms that blend together and are difficult to interpret.


Unfortunately, this video isn't representative of a mod players can download in the game. Blizzard wants to maintain the competitive integrity of Overwatch, so mods for the game are disallowed in general, even sound packs that wouldn't have an effect on gameplay.

Overwatch fans may miss out on mixing the game with Seinfeld, but luckily there are Seinfeld creations available for other video games. For example, a Doom II fan modded Jerry Seinfeld's iconic apartment into the classic FPS, and others recreated Seinfeld in The Sims 4. Seinfeld-related mods are available for other video games as well, so fans of the show have some options when it comes to adding elements of it to their favorite games.

Between the aforementioned Seinfeld video game creations and elliobot's Seinfeld-infused Overwatch video, it's clear that the show is still popular. Seinfeld hasn't aired a new episode for nearly 20 years now (unless one counts the "reunion" that occurred on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm), but its persistent popularity will probably see the show continue to influence creative gamers and pop culture in general for years to come.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: elliobot - YouTube

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