Overwatch Fan Makes Real Life Lucio Gun


One Overwatch fan takes it upon himself to create a perfect replica of Lucio's gun, and details the process for other fans who are interested in doing the same.

As Blizzard's first new IP in nearly 20 years, Overwatch has seen tremendous success and popularity since its release. It's no surprise then that devoted fans of the game aren't just playing it, but creating real-world tributes to it, too. One such fan has now created a real life replica of Lucio's sonic gun.

The real life Lucio gun was created by Overwatch superfan Simone Fontana, who painstakingly recreated the weapon from scratch as a custom 3D model. Fontana has plenty of 3D modeling experience under his belt, and the model is appropriately a spot-on match to the in-game weapon's appearance. Taking it one step further, Fontana has even built in the necessary electronics so that audio will play through the weapon, just like Lucio's does in the game. In addition to the amount of time Fontana spent modeling, assembling, and painting the replica, it took nearly 100 hours for the weapon to be produced by a 3D printer. Gamers who are dedicating a similar amount of time to create their own replica are in luck, as Fontana has chosen to make the file available to anyone who chooses to sign up as a supporter of his Patreon account.

While Fontana's creation is remarkable, his choice of character doesn't come as a surprise. Lucio was recently ranked as the most popular hero to play as in the entire game, topping the list of the currently-playable 22 heroes. His popularity and unique gameplay style has also inspired others to play Overwatch in unique ways. One Twitch streamer chose to play as Lucio with a DJ Hero controller, in honor of his auditory-based weaponry.


Creating costumes based off of favorite video game characters is par for the course for many gamers these days, but some gamers like Fontana take it one step beyond to create props that are also functional. Previously, a Destiny player created a working Thorn hand cannon replica that fires actual airsoft pellets, while another created a Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV replica from Fallout 4 and released the 3D printer files for anyone who wanted a copy of it for themselves.

With a whopping 20 million users playing Overwatch, chances are more dedicated fans will produce amazing works like these for their favorite characters. While mastering the game and one's favorite character is admirable all on its own, fans who pour creativity, time, and effort into creating fan replicas like these deserve a round of applause.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube

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