[UPDATE] Overwatch Ranked Play Won't Arrive Until Mid or Late June

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Blizzard has confirmed that the Competitive Mode for Overwatch, which was present in earlier betas, will likely see a return some time in June of this year.

UPDATE: Blizzard reps have confirmed that there was a messaging error and competitive play will arrive later in June, not later in July.


The original story follows...

The official Twitter account for Overwatch confirmed recently that the game's Competitive Mode would likely see a return in a month or so. In response to questions about the mode, Blizzard mentioned a July release in two separate instances, so it appears that is when the company is aiming to bring it back. Although, with no firm release date, this window is subject to change.

We reported earlier last month that Competitive Mode would be disabled before the game's launch. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan cited player feedback as the main culprit in the removal of the mode. Presumably the feedback Blizzard was getting was not what they had hoped and it has since been sent back to the drawing board. There has been no official statement as to what exactly prompted the removal of the mode or what changes players are likely to see when it is reimplemented back into the game.

Competitive Mode was a relatively new mode put into Overwatch's beta back in April, then pulled shortly after due to unspecified reasons. The mode has a ranking system that organizes 25 levels of players into tiers based on their performance. Improving rank garners rewards in the form of spray, skins, and other cosmetic goodies. Additionally, players are able to see their worldwide standing.

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While the more competitive players are anxiously awaiting the return of this mode, the game appears to be doing just fine without it. Overwatch reviews across the board have been unanimously kind with, or near, perfect scores. To see if we share this sentiment and for in-depth coverage of the game, check out our review.

Aside from the rework being done on Competitive Mode, there does not seem to be any other major issue facing the game, unless you count the fact players might find better groups through reddit than through the game's own matchmaking system. But, knowing Blizzard, that will likely see some tweaks as time goes on.

Competitive Mode is coming one way or another and it will add a new way to challenge players while reaping rich rewards. If all goes well, the mode will be back in mid-to-late July. If not, then Blizzard probably has its reasons. Until then, it is a good time to start practicing with your favorite heroes and preparing for the battles to come.

Overwatch is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG247

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