Update: Overwatch Origins Edition is now cut by 18% during release day. Details below.

Blizzard’s next highly-anticipated title, Overwatch, is arriving Tuesday, May 24. As far as discounts are concerned, Blizzard is keeping a tight lid on things (unless you have a paid membership), but retailer competition for Overwatch is still alive and well when it comes down to bonuses.

GameStop, Best Buy, and Walmart are all in the running for the best pre-order offer. Pure price cut? Walmart has the Overwatch Origins Edition for only $48.99 on Xbox One and PS4. When it comes to the best “physical bonus” category, GameStop is winning as they’re offering a slick looking “Baby Winston” Figurine. Best Buy’s physical item is a “Metal Art Plate” which may not impress all fans, but they do have an additional $10 Rewards bonus. All retailers are offering a May 23rd pick-up, one day ahead of release date.

Overwatch Origins Edition Console Bonuses

Walmart has up the ante on Overwatch deals this weekend, with Origin’s Edition as cheap as 18% off for $48.99 (everyone else is $59.99), while still including the Widowmaker skin pre-order bonus. You’ll receive free shipping still even though this is under $50 as the game is a pre-order. Or you can choose store pick up and grab it as early as May 23 on Monday.

Overwatch Origins Edition PC Bonuses

Unfortunately as mentioned before, Blizzard keeps a tight lid on distribution, especially for their digital products, so there are no digital deals to be had. If you want the plain vanilla Overwatch Standard Edition, head to Battle.net and you’ll be squared away. Full price is inevitable and the only way to save on a PC DVD copy of Overwatch Origins Edition is if you’re a paid Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked Member or using Amazon Prime. Note all the above bonuses are only valid while the game is a pre-order. Come May 24 all bets are off.

Overwatch Collector’s Edition Deals

  • Walmart: $94.99 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) 27% off deal
  • Best Buy: $129.99 (Xbox One, PS4) or $103.99 with GCU Membership (GCU + Collector’s only $134)

Update: There is now a great Overwatch Collector’s Edition deal available at Walmart for 27% off. Deals added above. At this price point, there is little reason to buy elsewhere since you’re saving $35 up front.

The Collector’s Edition is a premium product, but in stock at Best Buy and most retailers. For Best Buy, they are actually cutting out their $10 Rewards for pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition, but at this price point you’re basically getting Gamers Club Unlocked membership for cheap.

Here’s the low-down: Best Buy’s GCU Membership is $30 for 2 years. Wen you buy the Collector’s Edition you can immediately add Gamers Club Unlocked membership to your cart and immediately reap the 20% discount. This means you pay a grand total of $134 – that’s only $4 more and you’ll get 20% off new games for the next 2 years. Not a bad deal at all!

Pre-Order Bonus for Overwatch


All of the deals listed above are technically for the Overwatch – Origins Edition (the pre-order copy of the game). This edition gets you a few extra goodies that aren’t included in the standard edition. We should note that most of the bonuses in the Origins Edition are for other Blizzard titles:

  • Overwatch – Hero Skins – Blackwatch Reyes or Strike-Commander Morrison.
  • Diablo III – Mercy’s Wings
  • World of Warcraft – Baby Winston Pet
  • StarCraft II – In-game Portraits
  • Heroes of the Storm – Tracer Hero

The pre-order bonuses don’t stop with the Origins Edition; there’s actually more. All retailers have a Noire skin (black and red themed) for the Widowmaker character. That and the physical items from either Best Buy or GameStop pretty much wraps it up. While GameStop has had some questionable pre-order bonuses before, we must mention that the Baby Winston Figurine pictured above looks awesome. Need more details than above? Check out this Overwatch deals roundup by retailer here.

Which retailer has the best offer out on Overwatch? If you want the best physical bonus, in our opinion you should go with GameStop for the Baby Winston figurine. If you want the best pre-order price go with Walmart for the big $11 price cut. If you want a little bit of both go with Best Buy for a $10 credit and a Metal Art Plate. If you want even more loot, just pick up the Collector’s Edition either at Walmart or Amazon.