Players around the world have sunk countless hours into Overwatch ever since the critically-acclaimed multiplayer shooter was released last May, but as far as anyone can tell, no one has played as much as one particular gamer who has just managed to reach level 4000.

In a new thread over at the Overwatch sub-Reddit, a player by the name of Treeboydave shared evidence of his level 4000 achievement, including his Overwatch tracker profile, Twitch account, and an image of his special level 4000 portrait border. This is no small feat as reaching level 4000 means hitting 100 and then looping back around 40 times, and it is estimated that Treeboydave has sunk approximately 3,500 hours into this milestone.

Interestingly enough, while Treeboydave may be the first known instance of one of Overwatch‘s 30 million players to hit level 4000, he admitted that this wasn’t a goal of his. In fact, his main goal is an even more ridiculous feat that involves trying to log 150 hours of playtime for each of the shooter’s 25 characters – and he estimates that he is only one month away from this milestone.

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After one player hit level 1000 a year ago, before being eclipsed by another player that crossed level 1800 just a few months later, the overall community was curious as to what the level cap is in Overwatch. But as Treeboydave proved with his accomplishment, it appears that the shooter either has a level cap that’s non-existent or one that no player has hit (yet).

Level 4000 is an incredible achievement, albeit one that requires an almost insane level of dedication and commitment. But given how Treeboydave still has some ways to go before he completes his main goal of 150 hours per character, not to mention that the annual Halloween event is now underway, expect that mark of 4000 to go even higher in the coming weeks.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit