Overwatch's Pink Mercy Skin Raises Almost 10 Million for Breast Cancer Research

Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin

It's a proud day for gamers, as Blizzard announced that Overwatch's Pink Mercy skin has raised almost $10 million in donations benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Fund, far exceeding the initial $250,000 minimum. Perhaps even more stunning is that it took just eight days to reach the amount, leaving plenty of time for players to contribute to the campaign before it ends.

The Overwatch campaign went live May 8 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with the limited edition skin being available for $14.99. Blizzard is directing 100% of the proceeds toward supporting BCRF. Sales of the Pink Mercy legendary skin will continue to aid in breast cancer research efforts until the campaign ends May 21.

BCRF isn't downplaying the positive affect their partnership with Blizzard may have on breast cancer research and public awareness about the issue. “This partnership will be a literal game-changer for those impacted by breast cancer,” says Stephanie Kauffman, Chief Strategic Alliances Officer at BCRF. " Blizzard Entertainment has made an incredible commitment to activate change for women’s health by mobilizing the gaming community worldwide to raise critical funds for lifesaving cancer research," she added.

Overwatch Mercy Skin

The limited edition Mercy skin isn't the only way Blizzard is showing their support for BCRF. By heading to the Blizzard Gear shop, anyone wishing to team up with Blizzard and BCRF can purchase pink shirts with Mercy rocking her new skin on the front. On top of the Pink Mercy skin sales, the entirety of these proceeds will go to BCRF and their fight against breast cancer. Blizzard is also rewarding viewers of charity-driven Twitch streams with in-game cosmetics.

The teaming up of Blizzard and BCRF directly precedes Overwatch's Anniversary 2018 event, which begins May 22 and will see the release of a bunch of new skins, two of which were revealed in full glory yesterday.

Blizzard seems to be solidifying Overwatch's commanding position within the competitive online scene, proving its staying power with this charity campaign and consistent, substantial content updates. If so, the efforts are amounting to a resounding success, as the game's popularity continues to climb. In a recent developer update, director Jeff Kaplan announced that Overwatch has attracted more than 40 million players.

Overwatch is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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