Overwatch Player Hits Level Cap By Himself


The level cap for Overwatch is a long way away for the most of us, but one user has got all the way to level 1800 by himself - making him the first solo player to do it.

One Overwatch player has become what he claims is the first person to reach the game's level cap, without the use of a shared account.

If you're looking to feel bad about your own Overwatch progress, just take a look at Battlenet user TaZzeRK who has finally reached the popular first-person shooter's level cap, all without the help of other players on his account. For those who didn't know that the game had a cap on levels, it turns out that the final, spectacular player portrait can be acquired at level 1800.


A few accounts have reached this level so far, but TaZzeRK claims that he is the only one to have done it solo, that is to say, without the help of other people operating the account while one user is busy. Last time we reported on the player, he was the first individual account to have reached level 1000, making it not too much of a surprise that he is also the fastest to have arrived at the level limit now.

After reaching level 1800, the player can still level up but there are no more rewards to be found from it. The game even stops giving out loot boxes with each level, meaning that if there's any item that TaZzeRK hasn't yet found, he'll have to buy it with his huge gold reserves. The same goes for any Christmas-themed skins that arrive with the leaked holiday event due to take place this December.

For the record, the user claims that they played sixteen to seventeen hours per day to reach this point so quickly. Grouping up with friends is also a big part of levelling up quickly, especially since Blizzard give an extra 20% XP boost to levelling when a player is in a group. TaZzeRK mostly plays Roadhog, though he spends quite a lot of time as Reaper and Soldier 76 too.

It's incredible how far some fans will go when it comes to the games they love, something that the crafty folks at Men At Arms are well aware of as they built a real-life replica of Genji's signature katana. Whether it's in-game or outside of it, there's little argument that Blizzard's latest game has affected the lives of many people, and we're certain that this isn't the last we've heard from TaZzeRK, even if there are no more levels to gain.

Overwatch is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit

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