Overwatch just received a host of changes from Blizzard, with the most notable being the introduction of the new Lunar Colony map to the live servers, and some significant changes to three heroes. Overwatch is constantly adding new things and tweaking old things, but this patch stands out as a rather big one.

The update fixes bugs and makes minor tweaks, and brings the Lunar Colony map to the main game. It also boosts the gunslinger McCree and the unforgivably edgy Reaper. McCree received a change to his ultimate ability, allowing him to lock onto enemies soon and put out more damage sooner. Reaper’s passive ability was reworked, allowing him to life-steal 20% of the damage he does to enemies; this replaces his former ability to gain health orbs from killed enemies. Roadhog has received a smaller head hitbox as well as having his clip size increase from 4 to 5 shots, fire rate increased by 30%, and bullet damage decreased by 33%. Other minor changes include the ability to change gravity, knockback, and jump height in custom games, as well as the inclusion of the Oni Genji and Office D.Va legendary skins in the classic loot boxes.

The changes to Reaper and McCree are likely welcome by many, as they hadn’t been receiving much love from the community. Reaper was often criticized as being largely inferior to Roadhog, but this update makes him a serious threat to tanks with big hitboxes and large health pools for him to steal. McCree’s ultimate used to make him an easy target rather than a threat, but now his ability to quickly target and kill squishy enemies with his ult will make it easy for him to gain his team a numbers advantage in team fights. Roadhog fans won’t be as happy though, as his ability to easily eliminate enemies has been reduced, and he’ll require more discipline and teamwork to use effectively.

overwatch eye tracker roadhog

Overall, the changes seem like a good way to keep things fresh and make more heroes viable options. Roadhog has been almost a must-pick character for his ability to punish enemies with his hook combo. The changes to McCree and Reaper certainly make them more reasonable picks than they were in the past.

Overwatch recently celebrated its one year anniversary. Over the last year, the team-based hero shooter has gained a huge following thanks to its tight gameplay, wide cast of fan-favorite characters, and a whole world of media built around the game, such as the Overwatch animated shorts. The occasional addition of new maps and characters and the regular balancing of the game have helped keep Overwatch fresh since its launch.

Of course, not everyone is happy when Overwatch receives these kinds of changes. It can be hard to adapt with the changing meta of the competitive game, and learning how to use and counter characters can take a bit of time. Changes to those characters means more time learning. But at least there’s not likely to be a lot of complaining about a new Control Point map in the game or the reduced odds of getting six support heroes in Overwatch’s Mystery Heroes mode.

Overwatch is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard