Overwatch Reveals New Hero Orisa


Today, the developers at Blizzard have finally provided the long awaited reveal for the identity of the next hero to make their way into Overwatch, by releasing a fresh Developer Update video hosted by director Jeff Kaplan, as well as a brand new origin story trailer for the character known as Orisa. As was teased for quite some time, Orisa is a result of the handiwork of the 11-year-old robotics and technology child prodigy Efi Odelade, who crafted the character with discarded defense robot parts in Numbani after an attack by Doomfist.

As found in the Overwatch trailer and Developer Update video below, Orisa is tank-like character who uses a "fusion driver" – that is, a projectile machine gun – to fight with during combat. The team-based shooter's director Jeff Kaplan elucidates that her weapon has more range than nearly any other tank hero, and that she's currently in the Public Test Realm.

An overview of Overwatch's Orisa describes her as the "central anchor of her team," as she will be able to hold her own with solid levels of defense. Speaking of which, she has a "fortify" ability that lets her reduce incoming damage, while her protective barrier allows her to shield allies, which is similar to the hero Zarya. Furthermore, Orisa has a "Halt!" attack that is a small graviton charge which can pull enemies from around corners, or even slow them down. Perhaps most importantly, though, Orisa's ultimate ability is a supercharger that boosts the damage output of allies within her line of sight.

During Jeff Kaplan's run down of Orisa, the Overwatch director called her an "anchor tank" and unpacked the reasoning behind the studio including yet another character with a heavy defensive hero role being added to the game. As Kaplan explained in the Developer Update video above, Blizzard "wanted another tank that teams could build around or position around."

Taking all of this into consideration, most Overwatch fans are without a doubt giddy with excitement about the chance to finally go hands-on with the team-based shooter's new hero, and it's also a safe bet to make that they are glad Blizzard didn't drag out Orisa's reveal like it did with previous characters. For instance, many fans were downright flummoxed with the mysterious clues given out in relation to Sombra's ARG, which ultimately led to confusion and frustration within the community. Thankfully, though, Blizzard got the message and kept its teases relatively light and straightforward with Orisa.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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