New Overwatch Story Content ‘Just Around The Corner’ Says Lead Writer

Some players aren't entirely pleased with the way the newest Overwatch hero, Orisa, was revealed. The lack of an animated short or comic to coincide with her announcement has left them wanting. However, according to a recent tease from the game's lead writer, those craving more story content might soon be sated.

Orisa arrived last week with little fanfare. There was no revered Blizzard animated short and no virtual comic; neither that could have moved the main narrative forward by introducing Orisa into the larger Overwatch universe. While some are content with simply having a new playable character, lore buffs were anticipating much more.

One disgruntled player created a post on the game's official forums suggesting the company was halting story progression purposefully, due to some perceived fallout from the retirement of Chris Metzen, who played a key role in the creation of story content at Blizzard for many years.


Michael Chu, lead writer of Overwatch, jumped in to write a response, assuring those reading that more story is on its way.

"Like I said earlier, we have a lot in the works, with Orisa and her story being the first release of the year. One of our goals for 2017 is to try to have more frequent story-related updates and content, so we're very busy with that."

Chu added, "And a little something else is coming just around the corner, so look out for it!" This confirms the lore-starved won't have to wait terribly long for new content. Whether or not said content is Orisa related isn't clear, but there's a possibility fans could be looking at an animated short starring the new recruit. If fans get their way, it will feature Orisa battling the infamous Doomfist, since their destinies are seemingly intertwined.

Blizzard has made several statements regarding story after somewhat blundering Sombra's reveal a few months back, expressing a desire to release smaller story updates more frequently and to forgo convoluted teases for new characters that span long periods of time. This is exactly how Orisa's announcement played out. The road to her release was short and digestible, but unfortunately lacked the oomph of previous character reveals, which is where much of the frustration lies.

Hopefully this upcoming content will propel the story and involve some of the game's newest faces, but it might be nice to revisit the original cast's backgrounds as well. After all, Overwatch has a large, diverse cast with some interesting pasts still worth exploring.

Whatever they're cooking up, the post by Chu and Blizzard's new strategy suggests it could drop any day.

Source: Official Overwatch Forums

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