Overwatch: Orisa Is Live in Competitive Play

Overwatch: Orisa is Live in Competitive Play - Orisa Ultimate ability

Overwatch fans excited to take the game's 24th character Orisa into Competitive when she was added to the game last week may have been disappointed to find her character portrait grayed-out on the character select screen. Now, one week since Orisa was added to Overwatch, the new tank-class hero can finally be played in the game's ranked Competitive mode.

The delay in adding Orisa to Competitive in Overwatch was done to give players time to learn how to play the new character before taking her into ranked games. This approach makes sense, as in the past, fans eager to play new heroes may have been a liability for their team since they didn't have proper time to practice before taking them into Competitive.

Blizzard has been more mindful about introducing Orisa to the game than it has been with past characters in areas besides Competitive as well. For example, Blizzard revealed Orisa fairly quickly after teasing the addition of a new character, whereas Sombra's reveal consisted of months of teasing fans, which didn't sit well with everyone in the Overwatch community. Orisa also seemed to have more time being tested in the PTR than usual, with Blizzard almost taking a full month before adding her to the full game.

overwatch orisa live competitive play

With Orisa, it seems as though Blizzard has learned from some of its past mistakes when it comes to adding new characters to Overwatch. However, it remains to be seen if it will take a similar approach to future characters, like the rumored 25th playable character in Overwatch, Doomfist.

Some fans have speculated that Doomfist will be added to the game on May 24th to coincide with its one year anniversary. However, Blizzard can't add Doomfist to the game as a surprise and test him in the PTR at the same time, so perhaps an official character reveal will come in April, and he will be tested in early May to make sure the character is functional before he is added to the roster.

Of course, that's just speculation at this time. Blizzard may have different plans for Overwatch's one year anniversary, and it's possible that Doomfist may not even become a playable character in the game at all. But while fans wait patiently for news on Overwatch's next hero, they can pass the time by trying to rank up in Competitive Play as Orisa.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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