Overwatch has a constantly shifting meta, letting some characters become key assets, and having others occasionally fall out of popularity. One Overwatch character who still hasn’t really seen a solid fit into the game’s meta since her introduction is the quadrupedal tank Orisa. There could be a shift in the status quo soon, though, as Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan has said the team is working on a potential buff for Orisa.

In the Battle.net forums, a player was calling for a “mega buff” to Orisa, and Kaplan answered the player’s plea as follows:

“We don’t think she needs a mega buff. We are experimenting with some minor improvements though. Apologies for no details — we’re trying a few things right now and not all of them are going to stick. Overall, we feel like she’s not far off but not quite in the ideal spot yet.”

The player’s main complaint was that Orisa currently has trouble dealing consistent damage. This may be because Orisa’s Fusion Driver weapon fires somewhat slow projectiles. Firing into a big shield or slow target, Orisa may be able to do damage, but quick heroes can easily avoid her damage, and flanking heroes will often shut down Orisa players.

While it’s uncertain what the buffs will be or when they will come, this would be good news for Orisa players, especially as the new hero Doomfist threatens to make barriers obsolete. A faster rate-of-fire or projectile speed for Orisa’s primary could help her deal more consistent damage. The buff might also address her ability to flee when enemies get the drop on her.

As Blizzard strives to make Overwatch more balanced so that every character has a degree of viability, buffs to Orisa could help her finally find a place in the game. As the “dive comp” of quick characters that can leap into the fray falls out of favor, Orisa has even more opportunity to fit into the game, and buffs may just get her there.

Of course, for every buff there will be another character that suffers. If her projectile damage were increased by even 2 points, she’d be able to nearly melt a Reinhardt shield with a single clip of her Fusion Driver. Attack heroes who feel it’s their right to destroy Orisa after successfully flanking her will also be upset if she’s better able to shut them down or evade them.

While the buff will probably help her fit in more, Orisa has already become a more popular pick than Roadhog after his nerf.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Jeff Kaplan via Battle.net