Overwatch: Oni Genji and Officer D.Va Skins Will Be Available in Loot Boxes


If you're dying to get your hands on the new Heroes of the Storm exclusive skins that will be coming to Overwatch as part of the HOTS 2.0 launch event, but the MOBA genre isn't your thing, Blizzard has confirmed that both Oni Genji and Officer D.Va will be available in Loot Boxes at some point in the future. There's no confirmed date as to when the skins will transfer games, but it's safe to say that the developer will want to keep the cosmetics limited to the latest Nexus Challenge for a while yet.

According to a new post on the Blizzard forums, complaining about the inability to get the new skins when restricted to just console play, many players are unhappy that they will never be able to get the cosmetic items. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan joined the thread, admitting to fans that their frustration is completely understandable, and promising that the skins will be coming to regular Loot Boxes eventually.

"With that said, I still encourage anyone with access to a PC to play the Nexus Challenge," Kaplan commented. "Heroes of the Storm is an amazing game and you'll unlock those skins for free and before anyone else."


Both Genji and D.Va have now joined the Heroes of the Storm roster after featuring in a new cinematic that pits the two Overwatch heroes against Diablo itself. The new additions join Tracer, Zarya, and Lucio in representing the first-person shooter as members of the MOBA's diverse and varied cast, so players coming from Overwatch will have a few familiar faces to play as, even if they've never touched another Blizzard game before.

Heroes of the Storm also features several stylish skins for each of the Overwatch heroes present in its roster, which aren't available to find in the team-based shooter. While Overwatch has more skins per character, the HOTS cosmetics often alter more about the hero's appearance than simple color changes, and we'd love to see some of them be interchangeable between games.

In other Overwatch news, we've put together a list of the five most tragic backstories that you might not know come from the game's cast. Through comics, shorts, statements, and in-game dialogue, we think we've found the most heartbreaking origin stories that the Blizzard title has to offer.

Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


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