Overwatch: Still No Sign of Sombra

Overwatch: Still No Sign of Sombra - Overwatch Sombra logo

The Sombra countdown timer offers more questions than answers, leaving Overwatch fans still waiting for Blizzard to officially announce the elusive new character.

For the past two months, Blizzard has been using a countdown timer to tease the reveal of Sombra, the ever-elusive DLC character for Overwatch that fans have been waiting patiently for. When the timer finally hit its mark, fans weren't treated to a release date for Sombra, let alone an official confirmation from Blizzard that she even exists. On the contrary, the countdown led to a vague reference to Bastion, a different Overwatch character entirely.

Fitting with Sombra's Hispanic origins, the text on the countdown website is written in Spanish. It states that "charging is complete," with the rest roughly translating to "Unit E-54 committed Bastion." We're not sure what this means exactly, but there have been reports that since the countdown website hit zero, there's been some covert tweaks to Bastion in the game.

For example, Bastion's new Halloween victory pose now has a blinking light that some have surmised is morse code, with the code apparently spelling Sombra's name. Some have reported that the blinking lights don't appear with all Bastion skins, so fans that want to check it out for themselves should make sure to look at Bastion's Halloween victory pose while he has his default skin equipped.

Overwatch: Sombra, More Details on Halloween Event Leaked - Sombra

Others say the only way to see the morse code is from seeing Bastion's Halloween victory pose after winning a match on the map Dorado. The Dorado map has housed previous Sombra clues, so it makes sense that it continues to have them, even months after Blizzard first started teasing the character's reveal. It's possible that there are more new clues to find in regards to Sombra hidden in Dorado and other Overwatch maps, but many fans may be burnt out on hunting them down.

After running a countdown timer for two months and still not releasing Sombra, Blizzard may have rubbed some fans the wrong way. With over 20 million players, there are many that are invested in Overwatch and are excited to see new characters added to the game, but if Blizzard continues to tease fans with no payoff then frustration amongst the community is sure to mount.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed Sombra's logo appearing as part of the Halloween loot box page on the Xbox Live Marketplace back when Overwatch's Halloween event leaked, so maybe we will see Sombra added to the game before the event ends. The Halloween event for Overwatch is expected to wrap up once October itself comes to a close, so if Sombra doesn't make an appearance by the end of the month, it's tough to say when fans should expect the mysterious hacker to finally make her entrance.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku

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