Two New Reinhardt Skins Coming to Overwatch Soon

Overwatch Reveals New Map Eichenwalde - Balderich von Alder Eichenwalde map

This weekend Blizzard announced a brand new map for Overwatch, Eichenwalde, which will also introduce two new skins for the German powerhouse Reinhardt.

Blizzard revealed the new Eichenwalde map at the beginning of gamescom 2016 with a preview trailer. A few days into the conference, Blizzard held an Overwatch livestream that sorted out a few details from the map reveal, including an estimated release date. Additionally, it showed off the game's latest animated short and previewed a new legendary skin for Reinhardt, themed after the new map. Now that the map and associated content is available on the PTR, an additional skin has been discovered. This makes two Eichenwalde themed legendary skins for Reinhardt.

The first set is called Balderich, named for its original owner, Balderich von Alder, whose corpse can be found at the end of Eichenwalde, still donning the armor. It has since been the envy of many players who first laid eyes on it during the trailer. Luckily, Blizzard knew this and the armor has been repurposed into a beautiful skin.

eichenwalde legendary skin reinhardt balderich blizzard overwatch
Image: @dreadravenanzu

The second legendary skin is dubbed Greifhardt and is a version of the Balderich skin with a lot less polish. It takes the idea that the armor has been resting in an empty castle for decades and runs with it. The armor has been turned a mossy green, with various plant life twisted throughout its frame. It pairs nicely with Bastion's Overgrown skin, which has a similar look that is surely no coincidence. Both Bastion and Reinhardt have important histories with Eichenwalde and both of these skins reflect that eloquently.

Without digressing too much, it's worth noting that within the game these characters together have a pretty frustrating, although often reliable, strategy with each other where Reinhardt's shield provides ample protection for Bastion as he doles out immense damage with little fear of reprisal. These skins won't add anything to that synergy, but it will make them more aesthetically pleasing. Equally important.

eichenwalde legendary skin reinhardt Greifhardt overwatch blizzard
Image: @dreadravenanzu

This content will be joining a myriad of other changes currently en route to Overwatch, which includes some heavy nerfs and buffs for certain characters. Hopefully, Blizzard's newest stand against bad sportsmanship also makes its way into the live game very soon.

Both skins are currently only available in the Overwatch PTR, but will likely go live when the new map does some time next month – early September, if a guess was ventured. When that happens, players will be able to proudly equip their new armor and explore the many mysteries of Eichenwalde.

The new legendary skins will be available in loot boxes or they can be purchased for 1000 credits.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: VG247

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