Overwatch: New Hero Details Leaked?

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Even with the Overwatch Anniversary event in full swing, Blizzard has just revealed the next new map coming to the game set on the Horizon Lunar Colony. The details surrounding the new map originally leaked from a reputable 4chan user, who may have also just revealed the next hero that Blizzard has previously teased is "on the horizon." If the recent leaked information is indeed true, it seems that Winston wasn't the only cybernetically enhanced primate on board the lunar colony after all.

According to the original leaked Overwatch details, which did correctly reveal the existence of the lunar colony map, the new hero is actually a chimpanzee with cybernetic enhancements. The currently unnamed character is a support hero and can place stun beacons as well as anchor points which form a barrier. Interestingly enough, the barrier will go down if enough damage is applied to it, but it will reappear over time if the anchor points are not destroyed completely.

Overwatch moon map tease

The leaked information also goes on to confirm the first animated short kicking off Blizzard's season 2 of content will focus on this new character, further delaying Mei's origin story. The short is supposedly told through flashbacks, showing what life was like on the Colony for this new support character, what ultimately took place there, and how Winston eventually escaped to Earth.

A few new astronaut skins, and space themed sprays will also be added to the loot pool as well to celebrate the new release. Lastly, it would appear that Tracer is going to be getting a Portal-related voice line to unlock as well.

Some fans may be disappointed to learn that the long awaited and much anticipated character Doomfist isn't going to be filling the next roster spot. The good news, however, is that Blizzard may have a few surprises in store for fans at E3 2017 according to Terry Crews. Crews confirmed he'd be at the big show this year and considering how heavily linked he and Blizzard became a few months back, many fans have put two and two together.

Based on the information, what do you think of the upcoming new character? Were you hoping for a different style of character? Let us know in the comments.

Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: 4chan

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