Publisher and developer Blizzard officially announces another partnership with Funko Pop to produce even more figures for Overwatch for release in April 2017.

Last year, just ahead of Overwatch‘s release date in May 2016, fans of Blizzard’s team-based shooter were shown images for several figures inspired by a few of the playable heroes in the game that have since been released in a line of Pop models by the toy manufacturer known as Funko. Of course, since not every character was represented in the initial production run, it was recently revealed at the London Toy Fair that a second wave of Funko Pop figures based on the shooter would be created to fill in some of the gaps from the game’s available roster, with the vinyl statues coming out this April.

Now, as reported by GameSpot, both Blizzard and Funko Pop have officially put out some brand new images of the forthcoming figurines, and have also provided details as to where some of the toys can be purchased. As seen in the gallery of Overwatch Pop figures below, the newcomers in Funko’s second wave of toys based on the game include the likes of Mei, McCree, Lucio, and Symmetra, with there also being previously unavailable alternate versions of Tracer and Pharah coming out as well.













As seen above, most of the Overwatch toys from Funko are to be released as Pop figures that come at a standard size. However, there are larger, six-inch figures of a few characters to be released, such as the two different versions of D.Va that each have a 1.75 inch mold of her that’s capable of being inserted inside the much bigger MEKA unit. Not to mention, Reinhardt also gets two separate figures that stand at six-inch tall a piece, with the model of him with his helmet off only being available at Best Buy. The variant version of Tracer can be bought through ThinkGeek, Mei’s alternate style can be found at Hot Topic, McCree’s can be obtained at GameStop, and the different take on Pharah can only be acquired through Blizzard’s Gear store.

For those unaware, Overwatch is far from the only video game property to have had its characters receive the Funko Pop treatment as of late. As a matter of fact, the toy manufacturer has managed to stay current with its figures inspired by characters from game franchises, as its Mass Effect: Andromeda figures will eventually be on the market as a supplementary promotional item for the release of BioWare’s science fiction game. Not to mention, Bungie has even partnered with Funko to put out Destiny toys, but have yet to unveil any designs.

Beyond the announcement of the next run of Overwatch figures, it seems as if the game itself is primed to receive a new character relatively soon, with Blizzard having recently published a blog post to tease the inclusion of the prepubescent robotics and artificial intelligence expert Efi Oladele as the next hero. Should she make her way into Overwatch – which is highly likely – then fans should expect to see her receive her own Funko Pop figure sometime down the line.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.