Overwatch Won't Add New Events in Year 2

Overwatch new events

In future, the Overwatch team will 'refine' old events instead of making new ones. The reveal comes just as players are set to celebrate one year since the game's release, as the Overwatch Anniversary event goes live next week.

In an interview with a moderator from the Overwatch subreddit, game director Jeff Kaplan was asked about repeating seasonal events and the development team's plans for introducing additional events to "fill in the gaps" between the seasonal events that already exist. Saying that the team needs to be "careful about event fatigue," Kaplan explained that people like events because they aren't "happening all the time" and as it feels like an event is "happening every other month," the team "should really start to take our foot off the gas pedal when it comes to events."

While the Overwatch developer would "never" dash the possibility of making totally new events, Kaplan said he thinks that "the next year will just be refining the events that we have, rather than adding new ones." Refining these existing events, such as the Summer Games which brought Lucioball or Halloween which introduced Junkenstein's Revenge, would include adding new content and 'modifying' the things that weren't working.


Unsurprisingly, the Overwatch player community seems split over Kaplan's comments. On the one hand, some feel relieved that the game's event schedule will not keep up the same pace in year two, citing similar fears to the game director's. They don't want game modes and events to feel stale and they seem to be enjoying the novelty. Some have also commented that their love of events, and the appeal of Overwatch loot boxes, is hurting their bank accounts anyway and that slowing down the relentless pace of events is actually doing them a favor.

On the other hand, some are desperate for events to continue, saying that they offer a welcome break from the core gameplay and that they enjoy the change of pace. The second season of Overwatch animations has yet to begin and Blizzard seems to be releasing lore information at an almost glacial pace, fans say, but these events offer a little something new in the meantime.

Some fans have even come up with a solution to Kaplan's concerns, saying that 'mini events' could take place between big seasonal bashes, adding just two or three new skins and a few, small pieces of new map decor rather than a full overhaul. It's unclear whether Blizzard will follow up on the fans' suggestions but no doubt the developer will be taking the feedback into account.

Overwatch is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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