Overwatch controller-designer Rudeism is back, this time using a Nerf bow surprisingly well to control archer character, Hanzo, in the game’s online multiplayer.

Some gamers just aren’t satisfied with playing Overwatch as it was intended to be played – such is the case of one Twitch streamer who has found a way to use a Nerf Bow in place of a controller when playing the archer character Hanzo.

While some players may have been calling for Hanzo nerfs, this probably isn’t quite what they had in mind. Twitch user Rudeism likes to add an additional degree of difficulty to his matches, with the latest handicap meaning that he has to physically pull back the string on his Nerf bow in order to shoot in Overwatch‘s online multiplayer mode. It’s a challenging task but that doesn’t stop the dedicated player from getting two head shots back-to-back in the clip below.

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It’s certainly an impressive feat but this isn’t the first time that Rudeism has created an unusual controller for his Overwatch games, with his previous stunt involving playing the gorilla hero Winston using nothing but bananas. When asked on reddit about his future plans, the streamer said that he’s keen to try to play the game’s mascot character Tracer using a clock if he can get it working. Rudeism also claims that he’s got an idea for Reinhardt which he’d “like to get working sometime soon” so stay tuned for more news on that when it arrives.

The hardcore controller-designer has other games in his arsenal too, including World of Warcraft in which he reached the level 100 level cap (at the time) using only his feet and a dance pad. That dance pad made another appearance as the streamer took his Dance Dance Revolution controller into battle against Dark Souls 3‘s Abyss Watchers boss fight and won. None of Rudeism’s challenges have been easy, and the Dark Souls fight took over 300 attempts before the hardcore player finally managed to achieve victory.

If anything, this latest Nerf Bow achievement only serves to further show the dedication of the Overwatch fan-base. Earlier this week, we saw superfan Simone Fontana detailing the process he went through to create the DJ hero Lucio’s gun in real life. Not only is the weapon made from scratch using 3D modelling, Fontana also included the necessary electronics that’ll let him ‘drop the beat’ just as the Brazilian hero does in-game.

With a game as popular as Blizzard’s Overwatch, we’re bound to see new and ridiculous ways to play popping up in the near future. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as they arrive.

Overwatch is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.