Good Smile Company and Blizzard team up to release a brand new, adorable, and posable Tracer figurine, which will undoubtedly make for a must-have amongst fans of Overwatch.

Collectibles associated with any medium have become bigger and bigger in recent years, seeing the rise of several brands that were built specifically to cater to the desire that consumers have to purchase and display pieces of their favorite IP. One of the biggest video games that’s taken off in this direction as of late is Blizzard’s competitive shooter, Overwatch. Filled to bursting with a roster of unique and memorable characters – which only seems to be growing in the wake of newly discovered Doomfist evidence – the property has developed a solid following.

Thus far, Blizzard has teamed up with the highly desirable Funko Pop! line of figures to cater to this audience, recently announcing that six new Overwatch heroes would be immortalized in the trademark style of Funko, and now the developer has partnered with Good Smile Company to bring its fans a new type of collectible. Fans of Overwatch will want to clear some shelf/desk space, as a Nendoroid version of Tracer is now available for pre-order for 4900 yen (approximately $43 USD) on the official Good Smile website and will officially be arriving this August.

Those hoping for a better glimpse of the Tracer Nendoroid can check out the official trailer for it below:

It looks as if Tracer’s appearance in this particular line from Good Smile is only just the beginning for Overwatch aficionados, at least that’s what the name of the item appears to imply. Being billed as the “Nendoroid Tracer: Classic Skin Edition,” it sounds as if other costumed variants of the speedster could be in the works. With that said, it’s also possible that Blizzard and Good Smile are giving Nendoroid a trial run before committing to additional characters and versions.

For those unfamiliar with the Japanese brand, Good Smile has started becoming more and more prominent in its involvement with the gaming scene as of late, with news recently arriving that a Nendoroid version of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is en route. Others like Solid Snake and Nathan Drake have also been immortalized as Nendoroid characters, which just goes to show that it doesn’t look like there will be any slowdown in catering to gamers – let alone the bevy of television, anime, and film fans that it currently appeases.

Overwatch is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.