Can Reaper prevent Mercy’s Resurrect by collecting the souls of fallen heroes? Can Mei’s ice wall troll players on the victory screen? A new “Overwatch Myths” video answers all.

Blizzard’s Overwatch is off to a great start, with more than 7 million players confirmed to have purchased the team-based shooter since the game’s release on May 24. A few weeks in, many players are still learning the basics of the game’s 21 heroes, but there’s been enough time for at least some tips and best practices to begin to surface within the community.

Helping out with this endeavor is YouTube user DefendTheHouse. The YouTuber has launched a new series called Overwatch Myths that seeks to either confirm or dispel some of the rumors going around in regards to the game’s strategy. The videos use a great mix of music and in-game animations that line up nicely with the overall character and feel of the game.

The third video in the series, which can be viewed below, was released earlier this week. This installment tests out various strategies for Tracer, Reaper, Lucio and many more heroes, often with hilarious results.

For example, if players were wondering if Tracer’s Recall ability can get rid of a pulse bomb, just tune into the 0:20 second mark. The video shows Tracer surrounded on all sides by multiple clones, all of whom unleash a Pulse Bomb at the same time. The video then cuts to first person view to show the “stuck” alert disappearing after the player hits his Recall button. Myth confirmed.

Other myths confirmed or proven wrong include whether Reaper can be speed boosted by Lucio while using Death Blossom, whether Junkrat’s Rip-Tire can be frozen by Mei, whether Genji can deflect Soldier 76’s Bionic Field, and if Reaper can prevent Mercy’s Resurrect by collecting souls.

DefendTheHouse saved the funniest myth for last, confirming that Mei can block end of game victory poses with her ice wall. Look for plenty of Mei trolls coming soon to Overwatch matches in the future.

Fans can view the two previous Overwatch Myths videos on DefendTheHouse’s channel. The first video tests whether you can heal turrets with packs and the second video tests Bastion’s crushing ability in Tank form. DefendTheHouse has produced similar videos for other games, including The Division and Halo 5.

These tips and tricks should prove handy when Overwatch launches its competitive play mode later this month. Players will be able to advance through a tier system, provided they have the skill needed to do so. Ranks will reset at the end of each season, and seasons right now are slated to last about two and a half months. There’s also a chance the community could have a new hero to play around with in the near future, with rumors about a character named Sombra picking up steam earlier this week.

Overwatch is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: DefendTheHouse – YouTube